3 Awesome Reasons Women Are Thankful to be Mompreneurs

3 Awesome Reasons Women Are Thankful to be Mompreneurs

In honor of Thanksgiving (in the U.S.), we found 3 Awesome Reasons Women Are Thankful to be Mompreneurs.

Here are real life examples of what women think about the business-family balance and finding thankfulness amid the craziness.


3 Awesome Reasons Women Are Thankful to be Mompreneurs: Reason #1


Mompreneurs Feel Thankful That They Are Role Models to Their Kids (and Beyond)

Women who choose to run both a business and a household experience a sense of fulfillment and exhaustion!, that women who focus on a career alone or focus on homemaking alone may lack.

Showing their children that absolutely anything is possible has far reaching effects. Despite the struggle, the long hours, and the naysayers, Mompreneurs show children that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

“The best thing about being a mompreneur is the message I’m sending to my two daughters. I don’t buy the dichotomy of motherhood and business success, and hope they won’t either. If you can’t ‘have it all’ under someone else’s rules, create your own rules and pave your own way.” – Stephanie Winans, COO, Bundoo and current [email protected] student.  


3 Awesome Reasons Women Are Thankful to be Mompreneurs: Reason #2

Mompreneurs Feel Thankful They Are Teaching Their Family About Real World Business Success

As I watch my children getting older, I see how much of an impact my work from home presence has on their development. My daughter doesn’t call the home office the ‘office’, she calls it ‘the business’. My son watches as I get frustrated and want to pull my hair out. He watches as those feelings pass and I keep going.  I feel thankful that when he feels just as frustrated with his homework, he knows to keep going.

I listen to the Sirius XM business radio channel with them in the car. They have already learned about successful people who have failed (multiple time before), marketing, trends, business loans, credit worthiness, global communication and the much larger world around them.

I know personally I feel thankful that they can watch my struggles and my accomplishments. If they see that their support system, their role model, their parent, can struggle and keep going than they will feel able to tackle any problem they encounter.  They see that success rarely happens overnight, it is a slow process that develops character.

“The best part about being a mompreneur is involving my children in my business and teaching them that being an entrepreneur means hard work and lots of it. My children understand that building a business is a slow process that takes time, energy and quite often sacrifice. They know that failure is only failure if you quit. Instead, they have the practical understanding that failure can be the best thing that happens to you if you pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and power on.” – PJ Jonas, founder, Goat Milk Stuff

3 Awesome Reasons Women Are Thankful to be Mompreneurs: Reason #3

Mompreneurs Feel Thankful That Their Family Serves as Their Motivation

Never before in the history of the word, have women been so empowered to design their own path. What a wonderful day and age we are living in!

Mompreneurs constantly tell us that their family is the direct inspiration and motivation for their business. Women who have children with special needs design products to make their lives easier. Women who choose to be a full-time homemaker also bring in extra income by starting their own business and contributing monetarily to the family budget (among everything else they do!)

Families are the direct reason Mompreneurs are such hard workers. We are eager to share our experiences, teach other women, and learn from others. We are the kind of women you want to be inspired by and teaching your kids.

Every Mompreneur is doing this for her family. She is choosing what she wants, and showing the world that at the beginning of every dream, there was a person creating her own path. Working because of family, makes this dream so worth it…

“My favorite thing about being a mompreneur is all of the inspiration I gather from my children. After planning so many birthday parties and celebrations for them, the idea to create Partyology came from my desire to streamline the party-planning process without compromising that professional look we all want. Without being a mom, I wouldn’t be where I am today, with an app that makes the lives of moms a little bit easier!”– Barbara Edelstein, co-founder, Partyology

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