How to Sell on Social Media Without Being Salesy

I had a meeting today with an insurance agent who belongs to the same local networking group as I do. We were having coffee and getting to know each other, and when we started discussing social media for business, I said:   “Don’t even try to sell on social media; it doesn’t work”.   What came next was a cross-eyed look of confusion. I am sure he was thinking, “well if I’m not selling my services, then what am

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Optimize Your Social Media Accounts to Do Business

Do you remember the days when Facebook was just a way to check out what your friends were doing, see pictures of their kids (and dogs) and share your various weekend exploits? Long gone are the days… platforms have become marketing giants, some would argue larger than television. In addition, social media offers business valuable data about their customers and best of all, a (for the most part) free way to reach them. Now that you’ve decided to start

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Using Facebook and Instagram to Do Business – A Case Study

  Are you trying to leverage Facebook and Instagram to grow your business? Do you feel you could have more success? Last week we had the pleasure of interviewing network marketing star, Tiffany Preusker, who is quickly ranking up in her company. We wanted to interview Tiffany because not only does she use offline techniques in growing her business (talking to people while out participating in life) but she also successfully uses attraction marketing principles on Facebook and Instagram

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10 Common Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Make

10 Common Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Make   When you have a small or home business, you are likely promoting online using social media. This is for good reason; you have endless people you can reach, social networks are free, and statistics are showing that social media is playing a HUGE part in the consumers purchasing decisions. According to Social Media times: (link  (image:   Well over half of consumers are depending on social media to

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Social Spam: How to Get Rid of It & How to Not Social Spam Your Customers

    Social spam has become synonymous with one of life’s inevitability. Spam is considered junk emails, fake advertisements, deceptive comments on your social accounts, tagging on your social accounts to get products seen, and even some advertisements are becoming more spam-esque in their aggravating attack on your online life. Facebook, Instagram, and other social sites are still the communication platform of choice for business individuals and personal brands. Since we rely on social to get our message across,

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3 Authentic Ways to Connect with Your Social Media Audience

3 Authentic Ways to Connect with Your Social Media Audience Prefer to listen to the podcast?   We are not robots, and you may not be either.   Phew, what a relief! Since you are not a robot, chances are good that you have a strong desire to authentically connect with your social media audiences. We know the feeling! We also know the feeling of flat out, brain-dead, absolutely drained of all creative strategies.     You see, here

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