Why an Email List is So Important to You

Many of you have just started your business online. It’s tough to make sense of all the noise out there. While many of these tips may be valid, the question remains, how do you know which one you should start with? You have joined countless Facebook “mastermind” groups, listened to podcasts, and heard so many “tips & tricks” on a daily basis that your head is spinning. When searching for answers on how to make money online, one of these

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How to Build Your Lead List: It’s the Lifeline of Your Business

  Building your social media profiles are a wise move. Making sure that you have a Google listing is great. Learning how to optimize your website for SEO and learning how to run Facebook ads are all fantastic plans for building your business. But… Learning How to Build Your Lead List is crucial to the life of your business. Learning How to Build Your Lead List is the TRUE lifeline of your business. It is the living, breathing, element

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4 Key Strategies to Grow Your Business

Here are 4 Key Marketing Strategies that we have always taught our clients when they ask questions like “How Do I Get More Customers?” and “What Can I Do to Grow My Business?” Implement these principles into a working system in your business to generate more leads, referrals, and sales.     Principle #1 How to Create a Marketing Strategy A marketing strategy is what comes before you start implementing specific actions. According to Entrepreneur, a marketing strategy consists

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How To Learn To Turn Followers Into Customers Just 15 Minutes A Day

How to Turn Followers into Customers You’ve managed to build up quite a following on your Facebook or Instagram page….You get a decent number of likes and comments on your posts but you haven’t sold anything in a month. What gives? Why aren’t you making any money? The truth is loyal fans don’t pay the mortgage. Actual paying customers do. So what is the secret sauce then to turn these raving fans on Facebook to actual buyers? Read on

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7 Laws Guaranteed to Get FREE Leads from Social Media in 2017

    Do you want a successful and profitable business? Of course you do, so how do you make that happen?   Well you’re in luck, this article is giving you the 2017 Definitive Guide on how to get FREE customer leads from social media into your business.     Prefer to watch the video? Basic Laws of Customer Leads         Law #1: People ONLY buy when they need something and trust the source they’re buying it

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10 Email Marketing Ideas for Your Business

  10 Email Marketing Ideas for Your Business   If you are a Gen-X’er or before, like me, you know that when email became mainstream it was a wonderful thing. Nothing was more exciting than logging into your AOL email inbox and hearing the phrase “you’ve got mail”! (Yes, to you millennials reading this, “you’ve got mail” is a real thing!) It was a way to communicate immediately and effectively.   However, after several years of email scams, endless

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