What to Do When You Need to Bring More Customers to Your Business

Here at Intentional Marketer, when we get a new email subscriber, they are asked to fill out a quick survey asking what is the biggest challenge you struggle with in your business? I am sure you will not be surprised when I tell you that the overwhelming commonality we see in our responses is this: Get more customers. Watch the video: Can Your Business Be Found Online? Take the Quiz and Find Out Take the Quiz Maybe you started

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5 Ways that Marketing Will Boost Your Sales

    Learning how to properly market your business is a small change that can have a big impact.  Marketing is the magic ingredient to small-business success. Marketing allows you to find and secure new customers, stay on the radar of current customers, make introductions and gently prompt sales.     At no other time in history could business owners use low cost, or free marketing resources in such abundance. Learning 5 small marketing changes to add to your

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Increase Your Business Sales and Customer Inquiries By 50% Using 3 Marketing Techniques

    Marketing your business can be confusing, costly, and time consuming if you hit the ground without a clear direction. Starting any businesses can feel like an uphill learning curve in the beginning.   Can Your Business Be Found Online? Take the Quiz and Find Out Take the Quiz But through all the research and education, we came upon 3 undeniable marketing techniques that increase business sales and customer inquiries by 50% over and over again.   Many business

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3 FREE Facebook Contests (and 3 FREE Templates) You Can Run BEFORE Christmas to STILL Make Sales!

          We have 1 full week left before Christmas… Where did the time go?   But with this IMU Facebook post you still have time to rock out 3 different Facebook contests to scoop up some great last minute new customers and profits for your business.       We’ve got you covered here at IMU, we know that your business is important this time of year, and you are important to us!    

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10 Email Marketing Ideas for Your Business

  10 Email Marketing Ideas for Your Business   If you are a Gen-X’er or before, like me, you know that when email became mainstream it was a wonderful thing. Nothing was more exciting than logging into your AOL email inbox and hearing the phrase “you’ve got mail”! (Yes, to you millennials reading this, “you’ve got mail” is a real thing!) It was a way to communicate immediately and effectively.   However, after several years of email scams, endless

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5 Cheap & Easy Ways to Promote Your Business Online and Reach New Customers Every Day

Promote Your Business Online and Reach New Customers Every Day If you’re brand new to the online business world or you’ve been working hard on your business for quite some time, you must know that there is always an opening to increase the promotion and influence of your business. For years now, society has been growing ever more dependent on digital searches to find your services and your business products. For those of you just getting started building your

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