Here Are 5 Ways to Market Your Business on Instagram During the Holidays

Are you struggling for ideas about what to post on Instagram this holiday season? Are you seeing extra engagement on your Instagram profile, resulting in the sales that you expect? Social media has become an integral part of holiday shopping. People are out surfing on Instagram looking for holiday specials, creative gift ideas and inspiration. Did you know that 67 of consumers have purchased a gift they saw on social media? Instagram is such a great platform for the

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The 4-Point Cheat Sheet for Instagram Marketing

  The 4-Point Cheat Sheet for Instagram Marketing   /using-instagram-for-business-everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-social-engagement-powerhouse/Instagram marketing is all about visual storytelling, and for the savvy marketer who gets it right, it will yield a gold mine of interested and pre-qualified customers for your business. Prefer to listen to the Podcast?     In the last 3 years Instagram has gained serious momentum. Inside of IMU we have seen Instagram go from a small picture sharing app, to a real business game changer. A social

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2016 Instagram Trends & Advertising – Looking Back and Moving Forward

  If you are using Instagram for your business seriously, you know that there is a lot to keep up on in the ever-changing field of social media marketing, specifically on Instagram. And, even though it seems all the rage is on Snapchat, the fact remains that marketing on Instagram is one of the best ways to reach millions of users – users that are engaged with your brand. In this post, we will dig into the most popular

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Instagram Stories: How You Can Use It For Your Business

There is no doubt that Instagram is popular. We LOVE Instagram at IMU. After all, how could it not be? People are able to use Instagram to tell their stories through images and short videos. You are able to see their world through their eyes! In addition, Instagram engagement is several TIMES higher than any other social media channel. Now we have Instagram Stories. For the most part, Instagram Stories are basically the same idea as Snapchat. You are

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Using Instagram for Business: Everything You Need to Know About the Social Engagement Powerhouse

Instagram for Business: Everything You Need to Know About the Social Engagement Powerhouse   Want to listen to the podcast? Are you trying to use Instagram to market your business? Chances are the answer is “yes”. Instagram is an online mobile app meant for sharing: photos, videos and social network status updates. It enables users to take pictures or videos and share them publicly or privately using the app. You can also post to Instagram using other social network

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