Blogging Isn’t Dead – Why You Should Have a Blog For Your Business

I know, I know. Blogging is SOOOO 2007. It’s not sexy, it’s not new, and to some, it’s downright tedious. You may think that blogging just isn’t necessary for you to be a viable business. That you can run your business on Facebook, or Instagram.   While Facebook and Instagram (Twitter, Snapchat….the list goes on) are considered mini-blogs in and of themselves, it is still important for your business to have a blog.   Just hear me out; in

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6 Ways You Can Use Your Camera to Become Irresistible to Customers

6 Ways You Can Use Your Camera to Become Irresistible to Customers   The definition of video marketing is not a difficult concept. Quite simply, it means using video to promote you, your product or your services. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, by 2017 video marketing will account for 69% of all consumer traffic, and landing pages with videos lead to 800% more conversion. By responding to the demand for videos, marketers are accepting the potential buyers shorter

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2017 Best Guide to FREE Marketing Using Popular Social Media Channels

      The landscape of social media is always changing, even multiple times in the same calendar year!   So as we come to the end of this year, IMU has compiled the 2017 Best Guide to FREE Marketing using Popular Social Media Channels.   Today’s biggest platforms, with the best free lead generation available are Facebook and Instagram. Use this guide, with the available FREE infographic printout to direct your social media marketing strategy throughout the next

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The Anatomy of a Welcome Email

  The Anatomy of Your Welcome Email We have been talking about collecting email addresses and building your biggest asset (your list) for some time now. Now we are going to dive a little bit into the nitty gritty. You may be asking yourself… Once I have the email address, what the heck do I send them? I admit when I started my first email list I had collected almost 25 subscribers before I sent them anything! Email marketing

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If Email Marketing Is So Bad, Why Don’t Statistics Show It?

  I hope as you have been following our blog the past few weeks that you have come to understand that email marketing and having an email list are still very important for your business. As you read in our last blog post, your email list your asset. What if Facebook and Instagram (or any social media channel) went away? The simple fact is you do not own Facebook, or Instagram or Twitter for that matter. What you DO own,

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How to Get Potential Customers From Everyday Social Media Content

  How to Get Potential Customers From Your Everyday Social Media Content Prefer the video?     Prefer to Listen?     We reviewed in our blog post, NEW TO CONTENT MARKETING? 3 FREE AND EASY WAYS TO GET STARTED CREATING CONTENT THIS WEEK, how important content marketing is to your business.   You may be just starting out in your business and you are just beginning to post your business or products on Facebook or Instagram. However, without

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