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YouTube: Leveraging Video To Promote Your Business

Everything you should know about promoting your business using the power of video.

Is your business using video as part of its content marketing strategy?

If not, you NEED TO BE NOW! While blogs, social media interaction, and infographics offer customers a look into your brand, video is easier to digest than those types, and video also engages more senses by nature.

Using video eliminates the “stranger danger” factor when purchasing online, and humanizes your brand. Watching and listening to an actual person helps potential customers trust more, pay attention longer, and retain information better. Seeing is believing, and it’s time that your business started using video.

Not only does video establish the trust factor, it also helps you be found online. Videos will give your business more exposure by creating quality backlinks, which increases the probability of your business found when your customer does a Google search.

The IMU YouTube for Business course is a comprehensive course that takes you step-by-step through:

– Business basics for YouTube

– Ranking On YouTube

– Optimize Your Reach On YouTube

– How to get video views

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