Using Facebook Groups to Build a Community

There is hope…Using Facebook Groups to Build a Community is not dead! Facebook is still the big dog of social media channels with over 1.7 million active monthly users. So of course, small businesses need to be using it in some form to connect with their audience. It used to be very easy to set up a Facebook brand page for your business and start building up your likes to get a massive organic reach but this is no

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Facebook Posting and Engagement Strategy for Small Business

Facebook Posting and Engagement Strategy for Small Business Guess what? It has never been easier to determine, arrange, and execute a Facebook posting and engagement strategy for your small business.   Facebook allows you to run Facebook contests for free now. You used to have to use 3rd party products like Heyo, AgoraPulse, or ShortStack. Now, with a little maintenance, you can do this on your own!           Contests are a great way to engage

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Your Facebook Cover Photo is *Waaaay* More Important Than You Think

Your Facebook cover photo is your opportunity to wow your fans and make a first impression. A well-designed timeline cover photo can tell your visitors who you are and what you are about instantly. Your main goal is to highlight the “Like” button.     You should be thinking about the following ways to use your Facebook cover photo:   Brand yourself Feature the benefits of your product or service Building your email list Announce contests or promotions Showcase

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3 FREE Facebook Contests (and 3 FREE Templates) You Can Run BEFORE Christmas to STILL Make Sales!

          We have 1 full week left before Christmas… Where did the time go?   But with this IMU Facebook post you still have time to rock out 3 different Facebook contests to scoop up some great last minute new customers and profits for your business.       We’ve got you covered here at IMU, we know that your business is important this time of year, and you are important to us!    

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4 Ways to Use Facebook Trending Topics For Your Business

4 Ways to Use Facebook Trending Topics For Your Business     When you are marketing your business online, it would make sense that you would want to give your followers content that they find interesting. Hopefully, while you’ve been working in your business, you’ve begun to get an understanding of your target audience. Additionally, If you have done this, you should know some basic things about them like gender, interests, income, location, to name a few, and are already

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