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Live Streaming for Business

Video where it’s at. Period.

Since that is the case, then you NEED to continue reading, because what you see the gross majority of people doing on social media are doing it the completely wrong way.


Live Streaming For Business Mini-Course

How to Leverage Live Streaming to Sell Your Products/ Services

By Being the “Hunted” Instead of the Hunter”!

“There must be a way that home business owners are ACTUALLY making sales using Live Streaming, Right?”

Have you ever found yourself asking this question?

It is no secret to you that your business has to have multiple social media accounts, and video marketing has to be one of the “big ones”.

You have done the right actions…

… Got on camera for a few FB Lives or Scopes….

… Checked out the competition…

…and recorded about your product a few times….

But, here is the problem …

You haven’t actually made any sales from your efforts!

If you are going to be spending the time, wouldn’t you like a profit return?

Right now, if you are not making money from getting on live video, then you are actually LOSING money because you’re taking time away from other business activities to do something that is not generating sales or leads.

Great News! The Intentional Marketer can help you change that…

The Social Media Contradiction:

Make More Sales By Being “Hunted”

This probably goes against everything you are thinking you should be doing, but our experience proves over and over: Once you stop trying to “Hunt” down people to watch your videos and actually learn how to become “Hunted” (the right way), you will see revenue start to flow into your business.


IMU’s 3 easy to follow methods…

Method 1: Talk About Things Your Target Customer Actually Wants to See

Before you can make profit on Periscope or Facebook, you have to ask: “Where is my target customer audience watching? What videos are they most engaged with?”

Every audience is different…

Before you start anything you must research what your target audience is searching for when they want to watch a video in your industry. Check out what the competition in your niche is doing, and emulate (don’t copy!) it.

Pick one or two focuses and then you can move onto content.

Method 2: Lead With Valuable Content (Give More Than You Ever Ask For)

Take a look at some popular Peri-“Scopers” out on Periscope & Facebook Live right now.

Let’s take a look at the key information on this profile. What are some of the key things he is giving away?

1. He is leading with 100% free valuable content.

2. Hosts his own show offering his free expert advice

3. Detailed description of who he is and what his standards and values are, and also an added personal touch.

What is the key information on this profile? What are some of the key things she is giving away

1. She is leading with 100% free valuable content.

2. Delivers free, expert content in the fitness industryDetailed description of who she is and what her standards and values are.

3. Relationship building – Notice she has her website listed! A secondary place you can go to learn more about what she offers and how she can help you.

So now that we have the right KIND of content covered, that begs the question, when do you position your offer correctly to the audience? Let’s move on to Method #3…

Method 3: Bring Your Audience Off of “Noisy” Social Media through a Clickable Offer Link Related to Your Content

This is where the ‘magic’ happens. And it really isn’t magic at all! Here is where you only present your offer to audience members who have “pre-qualified” themselves by clicking your link. In essence, by clicking your link, they have stepped forward and said, I am interested in more information. Now in Periscope, you aren’t really able to post a clickable link into a summary page such as on other sites, but if you create an “easy to remember” link (easily done through free services) you will be sending traffic that way. In Facebook you can add your links to the comment easy peasy!

All of the sudden you are now the Hunted instead of the Hunter!!

Now you can sell to pre-qualified customers by using calls to action in your related piece of content. These individuals are more receptive to your offers, because they have already clicked ahead. This is the ‘magic’ to selling on social media. Never try and make the sell on social itself, move interested individuals off of the site itself and then easily monetize through offer related content!

This Works In Any Niche!

This doesn’t just work for the fitness industry…

Here is another example in the Business Building Industry:

Chalene Johnson is using live streaming to get her business building content and her best selling book in front of her target audience. She is scoping often to build her audience up and also to build a personal relationship with them.

What is the Take Away Information for You to Use Today?

In each of these user examples, the business owners have created highly targeted content that appeals only to people searching for targeted information.

Each video is 5+ minutes of free high value content through demonstrations, relationship building, and ultimately a call to action to visit them on a secondary source, through clicking the link to their website, etc.

When you put the right content, full of value in front of the right audience, you become sought after, hunted out! And you therefore start SELLING using live video…

… and luckily, the Intentional Marketer team has created an easy to follow (and implement) guide for applying this strategy for any home business, in any niche. We call it…

…Intentional Marketer Live Streaming Mini Course

You will get access to the exact same strategies Intentional Marketer and our clients use every day, with hundreds of different home business niches, to generate new sales and leads using live streaming.

This Mini-Course will teach you:

  1. The IMU method for targeted traffic, effective calls to action that generate leads and sales from Periscope and Facebook Live.
  2. The IMU strategy that when implemented yielded 100s of new video views in less than 3 months and generate 100’s of new ‘pre-qualified’ leads.
  3. The effective method to write and design a profile to deliver valuable content to your highly targeted audience.
  4. How to build a loyal subscriber base that will be receptive to your products and services on Facebook Live Periscope.
  5. The IMU Strategy to understanding where your target audience is hanging out online.

Become the “Hunted” by only putting the right content in front of the right audience.

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