4 Key Strategies to Grow Your Business

Here are 4 Key Marketing Strategies that we have always taught our clients when they ask questions like “How Do I Get More Customers?” and “What Can I Do to Grow My Business?” Implement these principles into a working system in your business to generate more leads, referrals, and sales.     Principle #1 How to Create a Marketing Strategy A marketing strategy is what comes before you start implementing specific actions. According to Entrepreneur, a marketing strategy consists

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What to Do When You Need to Bring More Customers to Your Business

Here at Intentional Marketer, when we get a new email subscriber, they are asked to fill out a quick survey asking what is the biggest challenge you struggle with in your business? I am sure you will not be surprised when I tell you that the overwhelming commonality we see in our responses is this: Get more customers. Watch the video: Can Your Business Be Found Online? Take the Quiz and Find Out Take the Quiz Maybe you started

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How To Learn To Turn Followers Into Customers Just 15 Minutes A Day

How to Turn Followers into Customers You’ve managed to build up quite a following on your Facebook or Instagram page….You get a decent number of likes and comments on your posts but you haven’t sold anything in a month. What gives? Why aren’t you making any money? The truth is loyal fans don’t pay the mortgage. Actual paying customers do. So what is the secret sauce then to turn these raving fans on Facebook to actual buyers? Read on

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7 Steps to Easily Grow Your Business Online While Sticking to Your Budget!

        Starting and growing your business is not easy and it is not meant for thin skinned individuals. In fact, it is a process that millions of people try, but only a handful succeed. Not only is it stressful and demanding, but it requires your complete attention and loads of motivation.   Now we have THAT out of the way, let’s talk about the bright side. There are 7 easy ways to grow your business online, and

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Attention Grabbers: How to Get People Talking About You

“If people aren’t talking about you, they’re not talking about you for a reason. And the reason isn’t that they dislike you. They’re not talking about you because you’re boring.” ~ Seth Godin The biggest challenge for Direct Sales business owners is to make your products exciting, even if you only have 3 products inside your company, or your products are, well, boring. So, how can you get people to start talking about you?

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How to Sell to “Not Now” Customers

Selling to Customers who Aren’t Ready to Buy (Not Now Customers!) In an ideal world, every sales lead would turn into a sale. Our goal is eager prospects who move through our sales funnel without objections. But, as you know, this is rarely the case. A pre-qualified lead, someone who opts-in to your email list, may seem eager and ready to buy. Yet, they don’t always translate into a real-life sale. In our quest to close sales, we will encounter many different types of

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