Increase Your Business Sales and Customer Inquiries By 50% Using 3 Marketing Techniques



Marketing your business can be confusing, costly, and time consuming if you hit the ground without a clear direction.

Starting any businesses can feel like an uphill learning curve in the beginning.


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But through all the research and education, we came upon 3 undeniable marketing techniques that increase business sales and customer inquiries by 50% over and over again.


Many business owners feel that marketing is a collection of actions they must do day in and day out. Social post, check. Website update, check. New video, check.


And while yes, these actions do increase your visibility in the world, of themselves, they are not what increases your sales and profits.
What does increase your business is a very simple marketing concept:

“Marketing is Helping Your Prospects Get What They Want”


Let’s dive into 3 Marketing techniques that hep your customers get what they want, which increases your business sales and customer inquiries.



Marketing Technique # 1: Focus

Focus your marketing on the wants and needs of your customers and use them to guide your marketing activities. Not sure how to find the wants and needs of your customers?


Block out 1 -2 hours this week and head over to your social pages. Start looking for similarities in customers. Write down everything you notice, the wording they use is especially important.
Your only goal with marketing is to focus your products and services at meeting your prospects’ wants and needs, the more you know what they want and how they express this in words, the better your writing and marketing will be.



Speaking of writing… Incorporate unique keywords.

When creating your social media posts, website content and any other form of written marketing, it is very important to use unique keywords related to your business.
The more often you write your content and fill it (naturally) with unique keywords related to your business, the greater your organic search engine ranking will be.
For example, if you are a jewelry maker, the keywords that automatically pop into your head when writing your latest website content are probably being used by every other jewelry maker on the internet.
Your goal for increasing your sales and customer inquiries by 50% is to use words that stand out, talk specifically to your customer’s needs, and differentiate you from the other jewelry makers.
Think about what’s unique to your business and be sure to highlight that in your content to help you stand out. For instance, if your jewelry has clasps that are easy for women with arthritis to hook and unhook, then using “arthritis friendly jewelry” would be a unique keyword to use throughout your content both on your website and on social media. The more specific your keywords, the higher your rank for them.





Marketing Technique # 2: Develop a Value Proposition

Marketing is not about you.


Marketing your business is about your customers and what they want.
“I help XYZ (your perfect customer) complete a task, more efficiently (a significant time improvement) and save X % (a significant number transformation).”


Now the above example is just an example, you will know your customer base much better, or at least you should. So, you will tailor your value proposition to the items that you know your customers want the most of.
Your only goal as a business owner is to get the prospective client’s attention. How you represent your products and services that best suits their needs will determine how quickly you increase your sales and customer inquiries.




Marketing Technique # 3: Take your Value Statement and put it everywhere

After you have developed your value statement, put it on everything from your business card to your sales letters to your social posts and your web site.


Use these 4 points to create an awesome value proposition

Geoff Moore’s Value Positioning Statement is the most popular version, and easiest version, that you can use to create your own value proposition.
Remember, you will be using this on every piece of marketing from here on out, so spend some time on this, there is no reason to rush it.
Geoff Moore’s template is used by Fortune 500 firms and thousands of smaller business owners alike. Pretty much, it fits the bill no matter what your needs are.


The template looks like this:



For______________________________________________(target customer)


is a ______________________________________________(company name)

that ______________________________________________(benefit statement)





Now you have 3 great marketing techniques to start using today and increase your sales and inquiries by 50%.


Remember, if you have been lacking sales or questions from your audience, it is because they have no clue what is in your products or services for them.


Speak directly to your audience and tell them why they should use your products or services.



Don’t forget:
Who you are

What you do for their business (measurable transformations)
What problem you solve and how you solve it better than other options
Why your approach is more valuable than other approaches
Why you can help people reach their goal and do it faster, better, or with a greater return on their investment

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