3 Steps to Make Technology Integrate into Your Traditional Real Estate Business


 3 Steps to Integrate Technology into Your Traditional Real Estate Business: 3 Things You Need to Know

Imagine a World Where Modern Technology Integrates Seamlessly into Traditional Real Estate Business Models…


Research from Inman Real Estate News for Realtors and Brokers, has uncovered a not-so surprising truth in real estate and undeniable to realtors.

A truth that concerns the Intentional Marketer University team a well.

And that truth is this:

  • The Real Estate industry must avoid delaying the use of  new technology that is beneficial to their clients.
  • Realtors struggle to see the value in technology because it is so vastly different than the traditional real estate viewpoint.
  • The real estate industry standard is to trust long term approaches and the nurturing of relationships. Often, technology is seen as a direct opposite to these values, based solely on speed, updates, and short term relationships.
  • Realtors must distinguish between useable new technology and the shiny object syndrome.



Starting now, we are going to unpack how you can use one time tested aspect of technology for your real estate business— that is not a direct insult to the ‘truths’ and traditional values of real estate.


It’s funny because what everyone tells you these days is that the real estate industry and technology industry are so far apart in their approaches to customer care, that there’s no happy meeting ground. It is simply not possible to combine the tried and true approaches of real estate with the ‘newest and greatest technology app’ on the market.


But in this article we explain why now is the time to share exactly what we are doing on Instagram. And how it is changing the business of realtors / brokers for the better. Instagram, after all, is not a flashy new gadget. It is the world’s largest photo sharing channel and it is not going anywhere.

But as usual, we won’t be following the typical “expert” advice out there.


We ARE going to teach the exact Instagram for Real Estate Business techniques we’ve taught  to operate a successful (and free) online marketing stream. 

  • How to cultivate audiences that are excited for your real estate services (using time tested methods)
  • Advanced strategies for getting traffic. People who are looking to buy or sell NOW.
  • How to promote your real estate business online without alienating friends.
  • How to set up Instagram Business pages that can work for you.


Use Social Media to Sell Homes Faster

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How do you know this technology works? As opposed to all the other shiny objects being thrown at the real estate industry?

Because YOU  have some level of trust in us to even be reading this article now.

And we teach you how to build this trust online. You can feel confident that at IMU we are continually testing, tweaking, and refining results for YOU!


3 Steps to Make Technology Integrate into Your Traditional Real Estate Business: 3 Things You Need to Know

Now, we are not naïve and do not guarantee life changing results for everyone. The realtors who will succeed have patience, structure and perseverance.

First things first. Let’s list the easy steps that make modern Instagram technology work in your real estate business.


Step 1: Find followers that are interested in your service.

Contrary to what most new technology apps will get you to believe, you don’t need everyone on Instagram to follow you.

For example, if you primarily sell townhouses to first time buyers you are not going to target millionaires. And vice versa, if you only list high end properties, having an audience full of 26 year old’s just out of college looking for a first home doesn’t make any sense.

Instagram (1)

(credit: homevalueleads.com)


Step 2: Post images your audience will love.

Recently we published an article talking about New York real estate agents who literally watch sales happening from their Instagram pages. They will post photos of a beautiful new listing, an image they know their targeted audience will love. Like clockwork, they see comments of husband’s and wives tagging each other “Look! This one is perfect for us!”. These realtors are now realizing a significant amount of sales directly from Instagram technology.

When you have a targeted following and understand the niche of your listings, you will put yourself into the shoes of your audience and post what they want to see.

Simple as that.


Step 3: Invite your followers to your home turf.

As many experts in social media will tell you, your social media accounts are not your own. You are doing business on rented space. Think about it: your Instagram account could get hacked, start displaying inappropriate images, and get shut down immediately by Instagram.

Then you’re done. All the hard work you put into building your account is gone.

If you invite your audience to your own space, there is no risk of losing the followers you’ve gained. Because if that happens, they’ve already come to visit you at your “house”.


How you say? Your listing website or email marketing list.

Use this technique to invite your followers to view properties on your website or join your email list. Now you can communicate with them anytime at the click of the “send” button.

Think about it; new listings, deals, extra value…..all can be sent at your will. How very different.


Building a targeted following is possible, however….

Remember, this won’t happen overnight. But it is definitely easier than ignoring the technology, the exact technology your targeted buyers or sellers are already using!

Each day you spend not using modern technology to target the right buyer or seller is a wasted day for your business.



(credit: LinkedIn.com)


Use Social Media to Sell Homes Faster

Get this Best Practice Cheatsheet

Click here to Download


It’s your turn. How you will implement this in your business strategy using Instagram?

Think about how you are going to feel when you post your latest listing and get comments like“Honey! Look at this property, it’s perfect for us.”

You can. It’s not a dream. It’s possible, and we’ve been quietly documenting how to do it for years. Now it’s time to share it with you.

A lot of people claim they want better results in their real estate business.


So why haven’t they started using a tiny piece of technology that works? Anyone can talk about what they “want” to do. Are they serious or just waiting for “some day”?

Bottom line, we refuse to give you BS advice that makes you feel good (but produces no measurable results).


(credit: pamsvas.com)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to feel comfortable using modern technology like Instagram, and the best tactics to go from zero to a successful Instagram Business page.
  • Increasing online and offline traffic to your listings.
  • Barriers that are keeping other realtors away (why they will not embrace this and miss out!)


This is the best Instagram for Realtors Master Class we have designed. Showing exactly how to build a profitable Instagram marketing strategy. But more on this later.

For now, we’re going to cover the thorny issues of getting started. Where do you even begin? How do you get people to actually visit your page? Why would anyone pay attention? And how do you package your page systematically so your posts do the selling for you?


Here’s what we would like from you today:


STEP 1: (1 min) shoot us a comment below telling us what most EXCITES you about increasing (or even starting) an Instagram for Real Estate Business page.

Be brutally honest. We read and care about every single comment (yes really).


STEP 2: Check out what other realtors are saying about the Instagram for Real Estate Master Course.


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