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We help home business owners attract a steady flow of customers using proven online and social media strategies.

Online Business Courses

Learn how to market your business online without the overwhelm! Intentional Marketer has training courses for all levels and budgets so you can implement what you need to get more customers.

One-on-One Personal Coaching

Prefer one-on-one guidance? We know more than anyone how getting your business off the ground requires a LOT of learning, even MORE patience, plus countless hours, sweat and tears. Let us walk you through our affordable, proven 30 day program to have you attracting your ideal customer just by being uniquely YOU online.


Join our FREE Facebook group for daily tips, strategies, LIVE workshops and most of all, SUPPORT, as you walk through your entrepreneurial journey. It is our home on Facebook where we join together with other like minded, hard working individuals like yourself to build an online business you can be proud of!

Join over 1700 like-minded business owners and receive the latest tips and strategies to get more customers online!

  • Meredith Dale & Anne DiVitto


    Intentional Marketer was founded by 2 women, (Anne DiVitto & Meredith Dale) who wanted to reclaim their lives and time through building successful home businesses. We now boast a combined 1000+ Facebook fans, 65,000+ Instagram followers, 6500 Twitter followers, 400+ YouTube subscribers, and a growing audience on Google +, Pinterest, and our international podcast IMU Biz Nation. We have worked globally with business owners on almost every continent. Business owners in all industries report: getting more customers using social media; Increase in business profit through using our courses on multiple income streams (on top of their product sales).

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  • How We Help


    At Intentional Marketer we specialize in providing your business with growth strategies to find more customers in 30 days at minimum investment requirements. We understand how tight start-up funds can be. Therefore, we practice what we teach and have achieved these results using our own amazing course material and with minimum ad spend on Facebook (yeah we teach you that too!).

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  • Why We Do What We Do


    We know there a lot of information (and misinformation) out there! Anne & Meredith have been there and have already made the mistakes so you don't have to. We aim to cure your analysis by paralysis by working with you one on one via our newsletter, Free Facebook group, online courses or personal coaching and have you collecting names of qualified potential buyers, in the shortest time and effort possible.
    We also aim to support you by answering questions and talking with you personally every step of the way!

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Meet Our Team

We built Intentional Marketer out of love and desire to serve the amazing entrepreneur community. We want to see our members succeed and find endless success with their dreams!

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What Clients Are Saying About Anne & Meredith

"A better way to market business that produced more consistency and better growth results. Meredith & I built my social media accounts, analyzed my competitors, targeted content, sold more products, built bigger teams, and targeted audiences."

"Great Teacher! Meredith took the time to walk me through, step by step, email marketing. She was always available to answer any questions I had. Thanks to her, I now have my email marketing for my business, all set up!”

“Anne went beyond the call of duty in coaching me with a marketing project that I was completely stuck and paralyzed with. She was so patient, professional and helpful. I can't speak highly enough of Anne and the magic she can do. I would recommend her to anyone"!

“The [Intentional Marketer] course helped me get started on a CLEARLY defined and practical plan....Because it’s an easy to follow course broken down into common-sense actionable items. It’s also delivered in a metered fashion so the student doesn’t get overwhelmed."

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