How to Use Twitter For Your Business

Companies have started using Twitter for business, to connect and engage with customers, and brand themselves as a company. So why should you bother to be on Twitter? According to Twitter: Everyday, millions of users use Twitter to create, discover and share ideas with others. Now, people are turning to Twitter as an effective way to reach out to businesses, too. Is your business on Twitter? Intentional Marketer University has gone to 0 to almost 4000 followers on Twitter

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LinkedIn: What You Need to Know to Use This Professional Social Network

LinkedIn is a social network with over 53 million users that enables you to make better use of your professional network and help the people you trust in return. LinkedIn is a great place to network professionally, post and find jobs, and answer questions and build thought leadership. LinkedIn is an easy way to identify influential individuals at specific organizations. It is a great tool to leverage your existing contacts to connect with people and find potential customers online.

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Google + : Leverage the World’s Largest Search Engine for Your Business

If you are just starting out in your home business online, whether it be a direct sales distributorship or selling your own products online, you need to understand that not all social media networks are the same, and they all play by their own rules. At #DitchtheDaycare, we have set out to create this comprehensive course about Google + and how it can be used for business promotion. Our ultimate goal is to see you succeed in your business,

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Blogging 101

Blogging is one of the most valuable tools a business can use to engage with their customers. A blog is a simple and easy-to-use platform to communicate with your customers to share timely and relevant information with your customers. According to a Hubspot survey, 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers. Are you ready to blog for your business?

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Create a Massive List of Potential Buyers – Capture Pages and Lead Magnets

If you don’t know what a capture page is, it is a single page that appears in response to someone clicking on your offer or freebie from social media. The general goal of a capture page is to convert site visitors into leads then sales. Capture pages are the entry level of your sales funnel. They filter out unqualified buyers, people who would never buy from you, therefore you do not want to try and sell to them. In

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