How To Overcome The Most Common Network Marketing Problems

Overcome the Most Common Network Marketing Problems

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Network marketing will be one of the biggest challenges you ever decide to tackle in your life.
Friends and family may be doubtful that it will work. And after 90 days in the business you too may be thinking thoughts of uncertainty due to the facts and figures we see of individuals who have tried a network marketing business only to be bankrupt in the end.

Believing but not achieving the instant success promised is one of the biggest network marketing problems.

While you will hear of MLM companies designed to rob individuals and break up after a couple years, I do not believe that you are part of one of these companies.
I know that you are in a great company, one that you believe in, and that you are invested in to make the long haul decision to grow and thrive.

You will achieve financial and time freedom if you do your homework of learning the best online strategies, implementing them diligently, and being determined through the initial year (which is usually the hardest).

So what are other network marketing problems that we face?

What are the solutions in order to prove yourself right and prove that you can have a great business, outside of a 9-5?

Problem Number One!: Lack of Leads in Network Marketing
The first 10 days in your business you realized that you will be successful based on how many people you can get in front of.

In my experience, working with thousands of network marketing individuals, finding leads is the biggest problem that you will face.
To change this fact, and put the odds back in your corner, you must utilize every online marketing strategy to gain leads.
Simple Solution:Be the expert and gain your prospects trust.

You must prove to them that you are the person they have been searching for. People will not realize the need for your product unless you tell them, listen to them, teach them, and lead them.

Instead of blasting every social media page you have an account on with posts that demand people buy from you, instead identify your fan’s hardest hitting problem and teach them the solution.
By doing so, you will be surprised at how many people will voluntarily seek for your assistance.

Problem Number Two!: Lack of Money to Purchase Your Products
Undoubtedly, this is the second biggest of the network marketing problems.

If you are not leading with valuable information (Solving Problems) you will get immediately blocked by people who say they don’t have any money.

Ask yourself this question: “If I didn’t understand I had a need for the product, would I purchase it?” I am sure your answer is no.
Another example: If you didn’t know your car needed a new battery, would you voluntarily go to the auto store and purchase a new one? Of course not!
But when you KNOW that you have a problem, and it needs to be fixed immediately, you will purchase immediately.

Every person will start with the idea that your products or business opportunity is not necessary, that it is a waste of time, or even more condemning to your sales, is that they believe it is a waste of their valuable money.
Simple Solution: Lead every interaction you do online with problem and solution posts.

Try this out for a solid 6 months. 3 out of the 7 days of the week write valuable information about how you are solving problems that you KNOW your audience is having.
(Have you done your homework? Do you know what problems your niche is having?) If not, check out my business coaching for one-on-one help getting unstuck.

Talk about your benefits, give them freebies, if you are promoting the business opportunity, then host live 30 minute training’s on success strategies once a week.

Make your audience realize that they will receive more in free value then they will ever spend in product or business start up costs.

Problem Number Three!: No Personalized Marketing Training
All of the network marketing problems you will face in your business will be tied to each other.
Leads will not flow without online strategies, relationships will not build without social media skills and you will be lost if you do not have enough training to work through the sticking points.
The key to being successful in your business is to be equipped with the right knowledge and training.

Your team will grow exponentially, your sales will flow effortlessly, and your leads with increase substantially if you have the correct training and the knowledge required for success.

As soon as you have committed to your business, then you must commit to your business.
Continue to search out business training, be present, and continue to grow in your knowledge of the company and in business tools that you feel will help you grow.

Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your dreams if you want the life you envisioned when you first sought out the opportunity.

Network marketing is not an overnight success game, but for those that work, work hard, diligently, and persevere through the frustration, your reward will be great.

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