Your Turn to Rule YouTube: YouTube Marketing in 9 Powerful Steps

YouTube Marketing in 9 Powerful Steps


YouTube content creation is quickly becoming the place to be.

But act quickly, because the secret about to be found out. When this blog post was first written in 2014 we predicted  (in the next 2 years ), everyone in your company will be trying their hand at YouTube marketing.

The update to this post is written in 2016, and the prediction came true. Everyone and their dog (literally) is trying their hand at video marketing.


The good news for you is we have been YouTube marketing for years! So the information you are reading is guaranteed to be trusted, tested, and PROVEN.


Right now, there is approximately 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute!

More millionaires are being created online through YouTube advertising, then ever before.

If you want to get your feet wet and advertise on YouTube for the first time – you can be the ad that pop ups before your target niche watches their video – then the IMU YouTube guide is for you.


This guide is a basic beginner’s guide on how to start building your  business through a YouTube presence.


Your Turn to Rule Youtube


Step 1: Create a Google AdWords Account

Your first stop is Google AdWords. If you already have an AdWords account, then go to to create a new video ad campaign.



Step 2. Link AdWords and YouTube

Make sure that your AdWords and YouTube accounts are linked together. You can complete this step from the navigation menu by clicking “Linked YouTube accounts”.



Step 3. General Settings

When choosing the general settings for your ad, set your desired budget per day. It’s better to start small and scale up as you get more familiar with the account and what good objectives are.

You can expect to spend anywhere from $.01 – $0.23 per view. Here is the good news, you will not pay unless the viewer watches your ads all the way through.


Your Turn to Rule Youtube




4. Set the Locations Where You Want Your Ad to Show Up

You can choose countries, regions, cities, ZIP codes, etc. I will have another training on how to pixelate your audience, for even more specific targeting, but this is to come.

The more specific, the better. Just trying to get your name out there? Then starting broad will be the best in the beginning.



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5. Upload Your Video

Select the video that you want and upload it to your AdWords account from YouTube.



6. Advanced Settings

In the “advanced settings” section, you can choose what days/time of the day you want your ads to show. Remember that if you are targeting the United States audience, there will be times of the day that are more successful than others. Choose to turn off your ads during the night, and keep them active during down times (such as lunchtimes, breaks, off of work, etc.)



7. Device Targeting

Getting more in depth with “device targeting”, I argue that you will get the most return on investment (ROI) by targeting mobile devices. More people watch YouTube on their mobile device than any other.



8. Select Your Demographics

Select age, gender, and topics. Be specific, you want your audience to be the ones who will purchase! Be specific on categories, interests, words, websites, and phrases you want to show up for, the better targeted your audience will get.


Your Turn to Rule Youtube




9. Choosing Keywords

When looking for specific keywords to target that your potential consumers will be searching for on YouTube, use the Google Keyword Tool to find relevant terms and get as specific as possible. These terms come from Google’s search engine, not from YouTube, but they will still be useful in weeding out some of the keywords that could cause your ad to be viewed by the wrong person.

The longer the keyword, the more specific it is, and the more pertinent it will be to your business in capturing the right viewers.



Final Thoughts

This is just a small taste of everything that is available for business owners who are interested in YouTube marketing. Remember, 97% of your competitors are terrified to start making videos. So how about you? Now is your chance to step up your game, get next-level, expert training, and potentially be seen by over 4 billion YouTube viewers a day!

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Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition! Move Towards 1,000 Customers

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