Using Facebook and Instagram to Do Business – A Case Study

  Are you trying to leverage Facebook and Instagram to grow your business? Do you feel you could have more success? Last week we had the pleasure of interviewing network marketing star, Tiffany Preusker, who is quickly ranking up in her company. We wanted to interview Tiffany because not only does she use offline techniques in growing her business (talking to people while out participating in life) but she also successfully uses attraction marketing principles on Facebook and Instagram

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Network Marketing Strategy: 7 Ways to Simplify and Find Success

    When you get started in network marketing, which also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), or direct sales, you can guarantee within your first few weeks you are going to come across some hype. BIG time. This will either come from your own company pumping you up to make thousands a month, by following a process of finding 3 people, who find 3 people, who find 3 people…..making it sound like people will be banging your door down the minute you

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