First Steps to Getting Started in a Mompreneur Business

First Steps to Getting Started in a Mompreneur Business Here are the First Steps to Getting Started in a Mompreneur Business and go from “Mom” to “Mompreneur”!   “Mompreneur” is a term that mom’s all over the world have embraced with ferocity. We are not your cookie baking grandmothers, we are now a force in the business world. The National Association of Women Business Owners estimates that women own more than 9.4 million businesses in the United States, employing

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3 Easy Ways to Add More Customers to Your Mompreneuer Business

3 easy ways to add more customers to your mompreneur business is not that hard. No really, hear us out. The actual steps it takes are not going to be hard, but the patience it takes to wait for your business to grow will be hard. So how on earth can you, as a one person, momprenuer business actually make growth happen? Start by using your best business asset: Your common sense. Again, none of these 3 easy ways

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Women that Beat the Mompreneur Blues

3 Women that Beat the Mompreneur Blues and Didn’t Give Up

Being a Momprenuer is, for the most part, a thankless job. But there are women that beat the Mompreneur blues and didn’t give up. Let’s be honest, telling your friends that you are a business owner sounds cool, right? But, if we are honest, do we also tell them about the less glamorous job duties of cleaning toilets, doing laundry, making lunches for the thousandth time, and cleaning up dog vomit (wait, that can’t just be me?!) Do we

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The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Mompreneur Business

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Each Mompreneur business we work with always has a secret weapon. The key to their success is finding out what they could do today and what they can’t. Lauren Kinghorn, of Inspiring Mompreneurs  has interviewed dozens of Mompreneurs and they all say the same thing, identify what you can do to take care of yourself to keep you the best for others. As founders of Intentional Marketer and Ditch the Daycare, we offer support to Mompreneurs who need help

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