Should You Spend Money On Direct Sales Training?

Should You Spend Money On Business Training?

Let me start this post by saying that when both Anne and myself, Meredith, founders of Intentional Marketer University, started our direct sales businesses, we did not take our own advice for the first couple of weeks we were in our primary network marketing companies.



We separately joined 2  huge Health & Wellness companies as our very first foray into the world of entrepreneurship & business.

We are talking about a company with hundreds of thousands of distributors…



And we got really down on myself that we didn’t magically know how to succeed!

You see, without even realizing it, we had adopted the mindset of struggle!



Had we been more aware when we first joined, we would have come into the game with an entrepreneurial mindset.

So what is the difference between struggle and entrepreneur?





The entrepreneur mindset is one of LEARNING!

Entrepreneurs understand and accept that they do not know everything, which they have to learn from the leaders and surprisingly, entrepreneurs actually get highly excited to spend money on training to learn what they do not know. They see it for what it is, a great INVESTMENT in their business.



The struggle mindset, is far different. The struggle mindset is sad because they do not know everything, they resent the leaders in their company for being bigger than they are right now, and they get MAD at the idea of having to spend money on education. They are much more willing to be miserable with struggling and failing then to admit that they need to learn.



So let’s look deeper into the 2 mindsets, and the goal is at the end of this post you will understand what mindset you have, and whether or not you should spend money on Business Training.


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Building Your Business: Doing it Alone Is Going to Cost You…

Let’s look at the Struggle mind set first:

The struggle mindset of Direct Sales business owners is akin to the “employee mindset”.

Many Direct Sales owners are or were recently, employees. Therefore they still have an employee mindset. They do not see money spent on training as a money generating investment, they see it as a burden that is taking money out of their pocket.

A struggle mindset will always see the burden of things. They do not know how to grow their business, but would much rather struggle at it alone, then invest in leadership training, joining a strong network of entrepreneurs that can teach them the fast track to success.



Now let’s look at the Entrepreneur mindset:

The entrepreneur mindset will never understand the Struggle mindset. If the entrepreneur knows that he or she needs education to build their business, they will make it happen.

Nothing in the world can stop an entrepreneur from learning more about being successful.

They CRAVE new ideas, help from leaders, they look for the easiest way to achieve their income goals and pursue it relentlessly.

Entrepreneur mindsets understand that doing it alone is frustrating, burdensome, and exhausting!




Can You Afford Business Training?

To get to where we are today, we have spent thousands of dollars on learning everything we need to in order to grow our businesses.

If you had asked us in the very beginning to pony up a couple grand for training (when we weren’t making a single cent!) we probably would have choked on our breakfast.

But here is the thing, we have an entrepreneur mindset, so we looked for training that we COULD afford first, and tackled that.



When we achieved money making results from the training,  it enabled us to take on the next training we needed. We took bite size pieces and low and behold, each one of those yielded us more income than previously before.


This is our checklist when evaluating the need for more training:

  • Will this education increase my bottom line? Will I be able to implement it and get more sales, more customers, more leads, and more information on how to put content out there that generates this for me?
  • Do I believe that with this training I will make enough to repay my expenses PLUS make more?
  • Will this benefit my team? Am I able to Learn, Do, and Teach from this material?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to all three of these questions, we quickly take action.

We encourage you to avoid the Struggle mindset that asks only one question. Should I spend this money? This mind is coming from a place of ‘lack’ it does not see the future benefits only the current sacrifice.


So How Did Your Company Leaders Do It?

We can make a hefty guarantee right now…

We KNOW that every single one of the leaders in your industry, made a decision to get training, implement it, and re-teach their team members.

We work with business owners in every single industry out there, and if we look at any of the people on stage at their events, there is one common theme.

Every leader started by attending seminars, buying marketing courses, learning all they could and then teaching what they learned.





Final Thoughts on Your Current Bank Account

We want to leave you with this thought…



Do you remember when Donald Trump went bankrupt (twice)? Do you remember the story that Robert and Kim Kiyosaki tell about being in debt hundreds of thousands of dollars and re-starting from scratch?

So they have all faced a current bank account situation that was not optimal.



What is different about them? Why do all 3 of these people bounce back and come out of a harsh financial situation in BETTER shape?

Because they have the entrepreneur mindset.

They do not have the Struggle mindset, far from it!!



The Trumps and the Kiyosaki’s of the world see opportunity where other’s see struggle. They do not see cost, they see education. They did not see failure they saw a learning opportunity.

So here is yours, stop looking at current situations and find the one thing that will change the future. It doesn’t matter how small of a bite you take today, but you must take the first bite.


Looking for a great training that will not break the bank no matter how small it is right now?

Take A Look at Intentional Marketer University courses (we have loads of FREE ones too, if that is the first step you need to take today!)


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