5 Great Ways To Build Your Brand Using Periscope


5 Great Ways To Build Your Brand Using Periscope


If you have not heard of Periscope, you are missing out.

Periscope is a live video streaming app released by Twitter in March of 2015. It allows its users to stream live video from all over the world and the video will remain available for 24 hours before it’s erased.

You can follow your favorite users and be notified whenever they come online to share with you!


This is an AMAZING opportunity to build a relationship with your social media community, allowing you to share and engage with them in a way you never have been able to before! It’s something that will provide an instant connection with your customers and potentials, and allow you to get to know them more personally than every before.


Some staggering statistics from the Periscope Blog




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According to Hubspot.com (link http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/video-marketing-statistics) the play button has become the most “compelling call-to-action” around.


More and more companies are using video as part of their attraction marketing campaigns, and also according to Hubspot, including “video” in the subject title of email marketing has increased open rates by 19%! It’s safe to say with the onset of Periscope, as well as Facebook launching video as part of their ad platform, that it’s the new trend, and it’s not going anywhere.





(image LinkedIn.com)


For you as a small business owner, this means you have to get comfortable with getting your mug out there on camera talking and sharing with your community!

If you’re looking for ideas to use on Periscope, here are 5 of my favorites that I have found in my research and began to implement in my business



  1. Live Customer Service

Using Periscope to answer a customer service question can be a great way to reach a number of customers that might be experiencing the same question or issue! Similar to responding to comments out on social media, this is a way to communicate your answer or solution to many people all with one effort. Be sure to save your videos so you can use them if you get the same question!



  1. Behind The Scenes

Offer your followers a VIP, behind-the-scenes look at something you do in your business. For example, my daughter is obsessed with YouTube videos of people putting together lego sets and opening and assembling different toys. Every so often, in the middle of the video, the camera will come out from behind the set and onto the narrator, showing how they film their videos, and who is doing the talking. It’s great! It puts a face to the voice, and it also shows an inside look to their production. Another example would be if you own a sandwich shop. Offer a look at assembling your most popular sandwich! Not only will you get your customers mouths watering, but you will also be enticing them to make a stop at your shop in the near future!



  1. Product Launch

Use Periscope to launch a product the very first day it’s available for sale. Use this broadcast to give teasers into the product, as well as highlight key features, and of course! Include a way to buy your product. Do a cool demonstration, show the end result, interview an early adopter…the possibilities are endless. Be sure to include that call to action at the end and a way to purchase!






  1. Scope Your Blog Posts

At Intentional Marketer University we are all about re-purposing good content. Why not scope one of your posts that you spent such much time carefully crafting? And, while you’re at it, go ahead and turn on the video cam to record this over Google Hangout which uploads automatically to YouTube? This is a great way to reuse your content, and it’s also a way to drive traffic to your blog. Go ahead and narrate 3 of your 5 points in your blog; then, tell your viewers where they can “get the rest”.



  1. Live Events

Anne DiVitto, co-founder of Intentional Marketer University, recently attended the Boom Social conference with social media guru Kim Garst. (www.kimgarst.com)


Not only did Anne see scope notifications from Kim G herself pop up on a regular basis, but also from her speakers and attendees. They all were scoping this exciting event live to show other Periscopers what’s going on!



Ultimately Periscope is a great way to show the human side of your brand. Highlighting ways do business on a day to day business, spend time during your off hours, and produce your content are great ways to share yourself and your brand with your followers. I hope this article has helped you brainstorm ideas of how to share your business with your viewers.


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