Using Facebook and Instagram to Do Business – A Case Study


Are you trying to leverage Facebook and Instagram to grow your business? Do you feel you could have more success?

Last week we had the pleasure of interviewing network marketing star, Tiffany Preusker, who is quickly ranking up in her company. We wanted to interview Tiffany because not only does she use offline techniques in growing her business (talking to people while out participating in life) but she also successfully uses attraction marketing principles on Facebook and Instagram for her business. And her results are impressive to say the least! We asked Tiffany 10 questions about how she does business and where she has found the most success.


Watch the below video or, if you prefer reading, page down a few clicks and check out the interview.



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  1. Tell our audience about yourself. What is your business and how are you helping people with your products and opportunity?

Tiffany is a mom of 4 young boys, from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. She started in network marketing two and a half years ago. Believe it or not, [like many people] Tiffany did NOT want to get into network marketing. She went to school; Tiffany has a masters degree in fiction writing. She was under the impression that she always had to have a traditional job. She had to use her degrees. Network marketing was a joke. Her mom got involved with a company called It Works. She was a customer for a year, but her mom was constantly badgering her to join the company. Then, the company had a great promotion going on. A lot of companies give away gifts. It Works gives away cash.



After thinking about it, and thinking about it…

Tiffany finally called her mom and said she would give it 3 months. Now, she wasn’t the type to sit back and do nothing. She was going to give it her all. She loves what she’s doing and she feels the products are amazing!

Key takeaway: When venturing into network marketing, be sure to find a company that resonates with you. If you are passionate about health and wellness, and better yet, have used and loved the products yourself, then that is a great reason to join a company. If you try to promote something you do not believe in yourself, you have little chance of being successful.



Tiffany tries to focus on people that are like herself. They have kids and don’t want to be away from them. Or, they have student loans, and cannot get them paid off. She has people on her team who have stopped working, people who are paying off debt, and also people who don’t want to quit their career job, but want to pay cash for certain things. (like college tuition for example) Her opportunity has helped people in numerous ways.
Key takeaway: Tiffany uses attraction marketing principles to promote her product, and herself, in a way where her message will only resonate with certain people. Since she is a mom who wants to be home with their kids and/or make extra cash, she focuses on attracting those who have the same goals.



  1. What about the “conventional wisdom” about your product just plain wrong?

First – is it FDA approved? This is the biggest question she is asked about her products. Since her products are supplements, they are not subject to the FDA for approval. It Works does not have drugs in their product line. Any vitamins or supplements you will find at the local Walmart will not be FDA approved.

Second, their flagship product, is a cloth wrap that tightens skin. Her product is criticized as a quick weight loss fix. It does not help you lose weight – it just will help tighten up areas of your body that are affected by weight loss.



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  1. What about the “conventional wisdom” about your business (network marketing) is just plain wrong? What are the common lies, myths or misconceptions?

That her opportunity is a pyramid scheme! In this scenario, everyone at the top is making the money and the people that are the only ones working for it. It isn’t like that. Tiffany has reached a higher rank than the person that enrolled her. You can’t do that in corporate America! Network is not a scam – it is a real job, and it is a real business model.



  1. How do you typically get started with a new distributor on a step-by-step basis?

Tiffany came up with a welcome package. She prints out the relevant papers from the back office that they will need for their 30 days. She gives them enough promotional materials to get started. She directs them to YouTube videos that will introduce concepts.

Since she is far away from a lot of her distributors, she uses Zoom meetings to talk with her new recruits. The first 30 days she holds their hand and covers everything she can in the first 30 days. At that point, she feels they will run with it or they won’t. She is there to answer any questions and help in any way she can from then on.


Key takeaway: As you are building a team, it is important to equip your team with everything they need to be successful. If they are not successful, you are not successful.

A true leader looks for specific qualities in people they enroll in their team, and helps them get started in order to succeed. A true leader knows by doing this, they in turn will be successful. Are you a network marketing orphan?



  1. Describe how you utilize Facebook and Instagram (or any other social media) to grow your business in terms of selling products and adding team members.

First and foremost, she is not SELL anything on social media. She doesn’t post flyers or prices in any shape or form. Before she joined network marketing, she would scroll right past posts like these in her Facebook feed. What she does is share pictures that happy customers send her. [employs testimonials]  There might be that person who scrolls through your post that has the same problem. Instagram is very different from Facebook. Tiffany will post less there, posting just one image about the business, and the rest showcasing her personality and interests. Using these technique attracts followers to her profile, which she then drives to her Facebook profile.

Key Takeaway: Tiffany uses Instagram to drive traffic to her Facebook profile.



  1. What actions do you take on a daily basis on Facebook or Instagram to attract business?

Every day, Tiffany will post a couple personal, business, and product posts. Facebook she is posting 6 times a day. Make sure you are posting things that are not about the business like pictures with your family and others that showcase your personality. That’s how you’re going to find people that are like you. We have the same ideas about kids, or fun, or wine. You might have someone that says “maybe I can do this too”.
Tiffany uses the Instagram link to drive people to her Facebook profile. She gives snapshots of her life there and sends people through her bio to Facebook. The majority of her communication with prospects is through Facebook. Most of them are not friends on Facebook, but are following her on Facebook. They have to get to know you first, and watch you through your public posts on Facebook. Most people who reach out to her are done through Facebook. She has people who “follow” her on Facebook, and once they message her, they become friends.

Key takeaway – By posting about herself – her likes, dislikes, thoughts on life, and parenting for example; She is finding people that are most like her and might just think “If she can do it, I can do this too”. 




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  1. What other online technologies do you employ for your business?

Tiffany does live videos on Facebook live, and also uses Zoom meetings. She has a Facebook group for her team, and she uses Facebook live to interact with her team. Regarding YouTube, she’s found so many other videos that convey what she believes, so she leverages those videos rather than make her own.

Key takeaway – Tiffany uses live video! Enough said!



  1. Once you have a new team member, what tools do you provide for them to get them started. (include company tools, in addition to your own (online meetings, scripts, etc)

Tiffany has branded herself by providing the tools and support that a new person could use to get started. (mentioned above in #4)



  1. What makes you different from your competition (either within or outside of your company)?

It Works has hundreds of thousands of distributors – what makes her different? Tiffany did not have any support from her upline, so she knows how it feels to be a network marketing “orphan”. She wasted a lot of time watching YouTube videos and online research to figure out how to “do this”.


Her strategy, and what makes her different, is that her team members don’t have to waste anytime researching what Tiffany has already learned and can teach them right from the get-go. She gives product samples so they can dive right in. She doesn’t hold hands after 30 days….but she is there for questions 100%.

Key takeaway – Tiffany sets up her new team members for success right away with the tools they need.



  1. What is the #1 reason fail at your business, in your opinion?

Lack of friends and family and Negativity! You can’t prepare someone for the initial negativity you will receive when you get started with network marketing.
Key takeaway – Starting a business is not an overnight thing. The average business owner takes 3-5 years to be successful. Tiffany is in the minority in being so successful within 2+ years. Don’t give up!
What do you do to mentor people on social media?

Tiffany has created a separate Facebook group team page that contains posts and scripts that have been successful for her. Since she is a trained writer, she is sharing her skills with her teams to increase their success on social media.


FINAL TAKEAWAY – It pays to learn what converts on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tiffany, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.


Download our complete Instagram for Business Guide

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