How to Scale Your Business to 6 Figure Success

So, you’ve made the decision that you are ready for a bigger business, a 6-figure business – congratulations!

Now that you have made that big mindset change and set your sites on a bigger goal, it is time to get ready for the challenge.

This article will cover how to scale your business for 6 figure growth.
Most business owners think that their business problems would be solved if they could just sell MORE products and services to MORE people.

And yes, this is the solution but when that happens, are you able to deliver excellent service to all those new customers?

Scaling your business to 6 figure levels is all about your ability to keep business organized, customer service front and center and your marketing systems growing with your customer base.

Growing your business will mean that you plan, find the right strategies, improve any technology you are using, and partnering with the right mentors.

Here are five critical steps to scaling your business to 6 figures.

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Let’s jump right into the steps needed to grow your business to 6 figure success:

Plan and Strategize for More Sales:

Look back over the years or months that you have been in business. Take a closer look at who your best customers are. What characteristics have made them profitable and enjoyable to work with?


Make sure your ideal customers and buyer characteristics are in line with who has really been buying your products! If you are marketing to people that do not fit into your customer profiles, then update them to reflect the kinds of customers who will help you reach your growth goals.


Determine Your Budget:

Scaling a business to 6 figure success will not come entirely free.

Determine your budget and understand where you should invest money back into the business.


You may need to update your website, purchase a monthly plan to begin email marketing, invest in mentoring that helps you understand what you are missing in your quest for 6 figures.


We are HUGE fans of free business resources, but without re-investing any money back into your business, you are looking at years for growing your business to 6 figure levels.

But did you ever consider a government grant?

Not widely known or used, these grants are another great option for business owners seeking extra funding for their business ventures. You will be required to do more work, but it is worth it.

Protect Your Sales:

We already know that growing your business to 6 figures will mean that you sell more products and services. So, do you have the marketing and sales funnels in place to generate more sales?

If you are not sure, here is where you can start:

  • Where does a significant amount of new leads flow into your business from?
  • What type of marketing strategy do you use to acquire new leads? Plan your overall strategy first, then execute different actions. For example, “I use video marketing for new leads. Each day I film a 5-minute video, upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn with a free infographic to capture emails.”
  • Have you planned enough time in your day to follow up and close leads?
  • An email system to manage new leads?



You can also grab our FREE 6 Figure Business Quick Start Checklist HERE



Update Your Technology:


Technology will make your job significantly easier and less expensive to grow your business.


Research different social media automation platforms to help you run your business on autopilot and minimize the time you spend online setting the ‘hook’ for your new leads.


6 figure business owners do not run everything themselves. They use several different systems that help them combine 1 activity (making a marketing video) and blast it out over several different areas and generate leads.


Now is the time to look for programs that will save you time and money, but allow you to reach greater audiences.


Find a Mentor or Like Minded Community of Business Owners:

Last and certainly the most important, is to find the community that will support you in your goal to reach 6 figures.


Technology and automation systems are going to help your business, but at the end of the day you still need other people to talk to and get feedback.


  • Do you have enough advice that will help you stay a step ahead of your customers?
  • Does your community support networking and partnerships?
  • How do you find help quickly when you have an urgent question? Simply relying on a Google Search for answers is not the 6-figure solution.
  • You won’t be able to tackle everything all the time. Sometimes the answer is to rely on other people who have gone before you. This way you can avoid costly and time consuming mistakes!



Growing your business to 6 figure success will mean looking and planning ahead to overcome tough situations.

These five factors to grow your business are a great place to start. You can also grab our FREE 6 Figure Business Quick Start Checklist HERE


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