A Guide to Recruiting More Team Members and Keeping Them Active

A Guide to Recruiting More Team Members and Keeping Them Active


Recruit Members and Keep Them Active

The long-term success of your business is going to depend on having active team members who are excited to be recruiting themselves and selling the product.


Your goal in using this guide is to understand what your role as team leader is going to be. It will also serve as a strategy for recruiting and keeping members active.


As you build your team, it will benefit you to have clear goals about how many members you want to recruit, your role in keeping them excited and active, and how to inspire them to recruit their team members as well. Keep in mind, that while you may want to recruit as many people as possible, you must focus on recruiting people who are in line with your team mentality.


These are the team members who will stay active and increase the overall team size. Your team members are going to be your solid foundation for your business and you have to focus on retention as much as you focus on recruitment. You may get off to a good start and recruit hundreds of people, but if they are falling off month after month, then you are failing to build a large team.

The main focus of your recruitment efforts should be to keep people knowledgeable within the company, keep them active through team training activities, such as Google Hangouts, and take these team building activities very seriously. If your plan is to keep recruiting strong team members who turn into leaders for the future, you have to have programs to develop members into leaders.


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Important things to know about recruiting members and keeping them active

Who to recruit as team members?

Think carefully about the members you want to recruit. You should be as specific about recruiting team members as you are focused on prospective clients.

Target people who:

  • Represent the population you want to market to
  • Understand and agree with your objectives as team sponsor
  • Support and want to work hard for the company
  • Have skills and experience that will be beneficial to the team
  • Good at influencing other people to join the team

Would You Consider Having Team Member Requirements?

Here are some requirements you could consider. Remember, this is absolutely not mandatory, but could serve a purpose of long-term team member retention in the future.

  • Do you focus on recruiting people who can easily afford the affiliate fees?
  • Do you have a special team member’s page to facilitate bonding?
  • What personal characteristics are important for your new members to have?


Recruitment strategy and methods

Every 90 days we suggest you have a strong recruitment drive. Having a solid strategy in mind is going to set you up for success. Consider these procedures:

  • Be clear about who you want to recruit – write down exactly your target team members demographics, leadership characteristics, financial situation, time commitment.
  • Decide a goal for how many members you want to recruit in the 90 day period.
  • Take out a sheet of paper and draw a circle for each new member you will recruit. As you recruit them, fill their name in the blank circle.
  • Have a pre-written script to use that will persuade people to join.
  • Identify different areas (online and off) forums, and pages where you will find potential team members.
  • What method and time of day will you dedicate to recruitment?
  • This is your action plan.



Keeping members active and involved

Recruiting team members is only the beginning. If you do not focus on training, management and communication, you will lose new team members as fast as you recruit them. What is your plan for keeping members active and involved?

Free Training Increases Recruitment AND Retention

  • Decide on the day of the week that you will hold ½ hour or hour training sessions.
  • Should you invite team members to bring prospects to the training?
  • How will you inform people of the new training every week?
  • Will you invite team members to join in your 90 day recruitment activity or will they do their own?


What to Avoid

  • Avoid long, boring trainings.
  • Make the training interactive instead of just listening to you talk.
  • Ask your team members often areas that they feel frustration with. This will most likely point out many areas that other people have issues with.
  • Ensure that team members are constantly getting value from the team.


How To Keep Members Motivated Into Leadership

  • Record an introductory “Welcome Workshop” for all new members (and make it available to their new recruits) so that they immediately feel prepared in their new business
  • Create a Social Media page dedicated solely to welcome and introduce all new members
  • Take the time to host regular training and leadership development sessions for all members
  • Encourage members to get involved in recruitment drives
  • Thank people and praise them in the social media group and in your trainings
  • Host exciting meetings and ask people to participate.



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