5 Tools to Help Real Estate Professionals Dominate

The real estate industry too, just like most other industries, has been touched and shaken up by technology. For you to play your A game, you have to leverage the power of the many amazing apps and software solutions out there.

They can boost your productivity, increase your business, find leads, drive ROI, stay updated with new trends and more.

On that note, here are a few tech tools that I think may be quite game-changing for your business:

  1. Curbcall



This is an amazing tool because it allows you to conduct your business on demand. The tool drives rich leads right to you and all you have to do is act on it.

Here’s how it works – Buyers often use Curb Call to discover properties and homes that interest them. Once they have a list of potential properties that they want to look at, the app allows each buyer to setup a ‘Showing’ status.

Now the seller can keep an eye out for ‘showings’ near his property and arrange a quick on demand meet up with the prospect.

In short, the tool allows buyers and sellers to effectively connect with each other.

Like I said, very rich leads and highly interested parties are driven your way through this app and a quick one-on-one talk is may be all you need to convert their interest into your business.

  1. Balcony



Real estate is quite a competitive industry, but that doesn’t overshadow the fact that companies and professionals rely on each other to grow and understand the market better and to succeed even.

Balcony is a tool that facilitates real estate agents to connect with each other easily. It is an app that allows real estate agents who want to be part of a social referral system for agents.

In the beginning there is a verification process that you have to go through, but once that is done the app allows an agent to connect with hundreds of other professionals.

What is the point you may ask? Well for starters you can suggest businesses for your fellow agents and even recommend each other.

The app is yet to go live, but it has already started accepting applications from real estate agents.

  1. Hiver



Working in teams is a norm, but when more than two people are working on something, the problem of collaboration arises. How do you effectively coordinate with each other and just get things done?!

Well, Hiver is a tool just for that. All you need is your email inbox and Hiver extension to turn your inbox into a project management tool, customer service tool, sales enablement tool and more.

Hiver is a multi-featured tool that allows you to manage your team well. For example, you can use the Shared Labels feature of Hiver to delegate tasks to your team members with just one click and you can also monitor the status of the task without having to call them.

Hiver also comes with email management features like Email templates, Email reminders, Email scheduling etc. This makes it very easy for you to manage your inbox.

The latest feature that Hiver released is the Shared Mailbox. Most shared inboxes don’t give you the option of assigning tasks to your teammates, for example, but Hiver’s Shared Mailbox lets you delegate tasks from within the shared inbox quite easily.

This tool is a powerful collaboration solution for your team and will be sure to boost your productivity collectively as team by many fold.

  1. Matterport



Video is becoming increasingly popular in the world of real estate marketing. If you figure out how to do succinct, attractive, and informative videos, then you will probably see a steep increase in your marketing ROI.

Matterport acts like Google Maps for the inside of a house/property that is up for sale. This latest 3D video technology can really take your marketing to another level.

The app allows the users to virtually navigate through the entire house. Additionally, you can also design floor plans and include dimensions of the house.

This is quite the tool to entice your prospects and get them really interested in your services.

  1. Mailchimp



This is one my favourite and most used tools and is loved by many of my customers as well.

The email list you build is one of the most valuable assets you can have in this digital age. The names on those lists are your hot leads. Once you a have good list, it means you have already overcome the problem of getting permission from your prospects to send them an email.

Now all you have to do is create a powerful email marketing campaign, that will persuade your prospects to give your product a shot and also help you build relationships with them.

And to create a powerful email marketing campaign, Mailchimp is the best tool for you. It is basically an email marketing tool that allows you to send mass marketing emails to the emails ids on your list. You can also track and segment these emails.

The tools allows you to measure important parameters like Click rate, Open rate, Bounces, Unsubscribe rate etc. Using this data you can further modify and adjust your campaign to boost your results.

Wrapping up

The tools I mentioned above are incredible and really do make your job easy, but remember that the list is not exhaustive. These are a few of the tools that I think are great and have gotten great reviews from my customers in the real estate industry.

The best way to find the right stack of tools for you is to experiment a little bit with various apps available and see what works for you. To do that, the above list is certainly a great place to start.

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Niraj is the founder of Hiver (hiverhq.com), an app that turns Gmail into a powerful customer support and collaboration tool. Niraj works on programming, customer support and sales, and also contributes to design and UI.

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