Women that Beat the Mompreneur Blues

Being a Momprenuer is, for the most part, a thankless job. But there are women that beat the Mompreneur blues and didn’t give up.

Let’s be honest, telling your friends that you are a business owner sounds cool, right?

But, if we are honest, do we also tell them about the less glamorous job duties of cleaning toilets, doing laundry, making lunches for the thousandth time, and cleaning up dog vomit (wait, that can’t just be me?!)

Do we confide in them that our husbands still don’t see our businesses as a real job?

So, while it sounds cool to be a Mompreneur, what do we do when we find ourselves getting extremely frustrated and stressed with all the demands on us?

3 Women that Beat the Mompreneur Blues and Didn’t Give Up


Taking care of your family is undoubtedly the most important thing you will ever do in your life. While it is time consuming, physically and emotionally draining and (sometimes) thankless, there must be a way to find energy left over for your business venture.

And yes, we have found women that beat the Mompreneur blues and didn’t give up.


3 Women that Beat the Mompreneur Blues and Didn’t Give Up

Credit: April Perry

April Perry, founder of Learn.Do.Become, helps others “architect a life of excellence”.

She found success by building her business when her four children are busy on other activities.

This may very well become a recurring theme for your business too. When the children are done with their activities, April has prioritized that she be done with her work as well.

Spending time with the family is a form of reward for her after a job well done building her business for the day.



3 Women that Beat the Mompreneur Blues and Didn’t Give Up

Credit: Sarah Jagger


Sarah Jagger, author and founder of BestMomProducts.com started her business as proof to her daughters that entrepreneurism is not just for the boys (or dads).

Think about this on days you want to quit. When your little babies are climbing all over you, watching every move you make, remember that they are also watching as you build your business.

Maybe today you make a big sale or book new customers. Or maybe today you fail gloriously and melt into the couch eating PopTarts with your kiddos.  Whatever you do today in your business shows your children that there will be up days and down days, and that these days are survivable.

You are teaching your children, molding your children, preparing them for this world through the bold and undeterred actions of their mama.

Now that is something to be proud of.



Credit: Ari Perilstein/Getty Images

Jessica Herrin, founder of Stella and Dot. One code that Jessica lives by is that she must be more concerned about her culture than her quarter. Meaning, the people she helps, supports, and teaches to support others, is more important to her than her quarterly profit.

She cares deeply about the legacy that she is leaving behind and the material goods that she accumulates on this earth. Undoubtedly one of the biggest lessons we can learn from this fierce woman is to adopt her philosophy of seeing obstacles, but focusing on the opportunities.


So yes, while other moms clean their house, drive the carpool, exercise, and make copious amounts of food, be proud today that you can do all of that and also frantically write a blog post (2 weeks overdue), shoot 1 Live video, answer emails, and post to your business group.

You are a Mompreneur. And you are time-starved. But you are also in an elite group of women that beat the Mompreneur blues and didn’t give up.

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