Storytelling: Hot Marketing Strategies Today

Hot Marketing Strategies Today – Storytelling

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Storytelling is one of the hottest marketing strategies today. A good story will get to a buyers emotions, shake them to their core, and ultimately get them to buy whatever you’re selling! Good stories compel people to change. Some of the ways people are compelled to change:

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  1. The Way They Feel – Stories get to a person’s emotions. Being emotional drives people toward change.
  2. The Way They Think – Stories will get and hold a person’s interest
  3. The Way They Act – Stories will bring an energetic feel to the message
  4. The Way They Behave – Stories will eventually catapult a person to take action.



A good story is powerful. It has the power to captivate an audience and hold their attention, and leave a lasting impression if it’s done correctly, that will last well after the story is told. A great story always has three parts – a hero (your product or opportunity), a problem your hero faces, and a resolution at the end – i.e. the SOLUTION to the problem your hero faces. When you are promoting your product(s) online you are ultimately solving problems. We are not selling anymore in today’s marketing world, but rather solving problems! T. Harv Eker says, if you’re not solving problems, you’re not making money! What better way to get your message across than a story or an anecdote?



Stories work because they invoke a different emotion. After a person hears a compelling story, they will remember the feeling they had after hearing. They may not remember the characters names, the name of the product or the name of the person telling it, but they will remember what it made them feel like when they heard the story! People will relate to stories – they will relate to the hero in the story that is having the problem, they will identify with the pain points, and they will celebrate with the hero when the solution has been found to his problem! A story worth telling is a story that is relatable, easy to remember and thus easy to share. A simple story can go viral within hours.




Storytelling will help your business grow by connection with your potential customers on a visceral emotional level, a power that does not come easy. It is a tool that can be used by businesses of any size because it doesn’t require money, just careful thought and creativity! Think about telling a story with your Instagram feed – start with a picture at a time – with a nice, long form caption, and tell your story. People will begin to engage with your message, and start to follow what you have to say. If they are experiencing the same problem you are describing, and you offer the solution, guess what, you’ve made a sale.



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