5 Cheap & Easy Ways to Promote Your Business Online and Reach New Customers Every Day

Promote Your Business Online and Reach New Customers Every Day

If you’re brand new to the online business world or you’ve been working hard on your business for quite some time, you must know that there is always an opening to increase the promotion and influence of your business.

For years now, society has been growing ever more dependent on digital searches to find your services and your business products.
For those of you just getting started building your business, or if the thought of marketing online makes your lips go numb, you can trust that it’s riskier for your business not to market than to get started and try.

There are many ideas of cheap & easy ways to promote your business online and reach new customers every day. Here are five high-impact approaches on how to market your business that don’t cost a lot and will work for your business.






1. Creatively present your marketing campaigns

A digital postcard made with Canva.com is one way to market your business. How about putting a small digital postcard or flyer together with all the visual elements of your products and services? Invite your prospects to visit your ‘store online’ (or in person if you have a brick and mortar business)! Think outside the average and boring marketing you see all your competitors doing, and your marketing strategies and campaigns will have more impact.



On that note, don’t be afraid to see what your competitors are doing and implement your own version into business.
Stay constantly on the lookout for the little details that make you feel special, and that get the attention of your potential clients. These little details don’t cost a penny more to implement, but they draw in customers like crazy. When you have decided on a new marketing path (like a digital postcard or flyer) set a clear goal for the campaign. Determine how you’ll measure its success and follow up with new ideas to adjust the marketing campaign if what you’re doing is not working.







2. Commit to e-mail marketing.

Marketing using e-mail will be the most cost-effective and easy to measure marketing you can do for your business. Not only is email very flexible, (you can change your strategy at any time) it has high impact by giving you personal access into prospect’s hands! Using email marketing, you can funnel traffic back to your blog or website, stay in regular contact with your prospects, and target specific emails to certain groups. There is no rival to e-mail marketing when you need to establish your expertise with your audience. Depending on the provider you choose, email marketing will cost you about $35 a month (more as your list grows, and that is a GOOD thing!) Aweber is always a good choice for email providers.



Some ideas for email marketing are: newsletters, seasonal product announcements, problem solving articles, and testimonials for your products.
Just like any other aspect of your business, you must remember that sending out emails is a marketing campaign as well. You must spend time crafting the right message, streamline messages that represent your personal brand, and always make sure that you are delivering valuable information. If not, people will quickly unsubscribe.

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3. Have a website or blog and make it mobile friendly


If you haven’t already, you MUST have a blog or website. This is different from a page that your network marketing company or another company (like Etsy or Shopify) provide you.
Building your own website (or having it built) takes longer than setting up a social media profile, but its benefits are incomparable. Not sure even where or how to start?

When customers search for your brand name you’ll want to completely own the messaging and image you present. Having your own website allows this.
In addition to setting up your own website or blog, you will become the expert in your industry by continuously writing content for your prospective customers.

Researching the questions your audience asks online will yield you a plethora of usable material that you can write (or shoot videos) around. You literally have thousands of affordable and easy to install options for your own website. WordPress is a very popular platform to use. Simply determine your website goals and start researching the best website solution. We like Themeforest.net, and depending on how fancy you get you have a wide rage of price options.

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4. Design a referral gift

Nothing, absolutely nothing, drives more traffic of better quality, than word of mouth referrals. To generate more referral traffic, create a special incentive for customers who bring you word of mouth traffic.


Depending on your product and services, you can offer a reduced priced item, a free gift, or something else that will serve as a bonus. Remember those postcards and flyers we talked about in step #1? Create a referral incentive and design a digital postcard.

Send it out and offer your incentive. Often, good clients have no problem referring you. If you haven’t already, it never hurts to ask for referrals!

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5. Start your social presence by building on just one or two platforms


There are a dozens and dozens of social platforms to market your business on. To keep marketing easy on you, choose 1 or 2 that best fits your end goal.


How do you know if it is the right social channel for you? You should spend time in research and be able to clearly answer the question “Are my customers on this channel” and “Can I create engagement and provide value”?

For example, a business that caters to the elderly population would not choose the social channel SnapChat where 46% of the user demographic is aged 25 and under.

Keep it easy on yourself! If you’re just getting started, Facebook is tried and true and will always be the safe bet for most businesses.


Using Facebook allows you to create a business page with company information, clickable links, videos, and live streaming events.
We cannot stress it enough; social media posting is a marketing plan. And just like anything else, you must post relevant and engaging content on a regular schedule to keep your company information up to date and your audience engaged.



The only limitations to your marketing strategy are the ones you create.

Using this article, you can put into place 5 cheap and easy ways to promote your business online and reach new customers every day. Take the pain out of marketing your business by devoting time every week to researching what your ideal prospects want! This simple task is completely free, easy, and the only consistent strategy that EVERY successful business uses!

Intentional Marketer University (IMU) is a professional home business online marketing institution where home business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers get help on subjects such as: Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, and Leads to Sales Conversions.

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