Instagram Stories: How You Can Use It For Your Business

There is no doubt that Instagram is popular.

We LOVE Instagram at IMU. After all, how could it not be? People are able to use Instagram to tell their stories through images and short videos. You are able to see their world through their eyes! In addition, Instagram engagement is several TIMES higher than any other social media channel.

Now we have Instagram Stories. For the most part, Instagram Stories are basically the same idea as Snapchat. You are able to post a string of images and videos that disappear from your feed in 24 hours. Also, these are separate from your normal profile and news feed. They display in a bar across the top and allow you to interact with your following in a different way. You can share snippets of your day using Instagram Stories. Your followers are able to experience life through your (or your business’ eyes)!

Instagram Stories “Fast Facts”:

  • Your “Stories” videos and images cannot be commented on or liked in the same way as your normal feed, but you are able to send a message to the Instagram user from the Stories slideshow.
  • Your Stories will play in chronological order as you add to it.
  • You are able to see who watched your Stories
  • You are able to post content taken within 24 hours from your cameral roll.
  • You are able to share a piece of your Stories to your regular feed.
  • Everyone has access to Instagram Stories.

To learn how to post an Instagram Story, visit Instagram Help.

How to Use Instagram Stories for your Business


Sneak Peeks –

Instagram Stories are a great way to bring your followers behind the scenes in your business. You can tease new products, or the inner workings of your office. You can introduce the people you work with! This builds buzz around your campaigns and pushes.


Gain Instagram Followers –

In addition to using your regular news feed content to build followings, you can use Instagram Stories to give exclusive content that can only be seen there. The fact that it disappears in 24 hours builds natural scarcity as well. When you have exclusive content, that adds a bonus to anyone who follows you.


Your Products in Use –

Use Instagram Stories to post video or images of your products being used. You can use this feature to showcase your products in a real time, engaging way.


Your Personal Interests –

Social media for business is meant to show your followers and fans the real you. This establishes good will, likeability and trust. Show your followers what you like to do at night. Keep it in context, though; For example, post a video of an event you attended, like a concert. Posting personal photos and videos shows the world that you are in fact a real person, just like them.

Instagram Stories are meant to let up some of the pressure for sharing your BEST photos with everyone where you have painstakingly touched them up with the latest filter. Stories are allowing you to share the REAL you.

Kevin Systrom, co-founder and chief executive of Instagram [says] “Instagram aims to lower the bar for sharing all types of photos and video – and not just the carefully planned.. photographs.” [source NY Times]

Social Media works best when you are being the real YOU.

What about you? Have you tried Instagram Stories in your business? Tell us what you think with a comment.



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