The Correct Way to Get Unbelievable Business Sales from Instagram


The Correct Way to Get Unbelievable Business Sales from Instagram


Using Instagram for business has quickly grown as one of the hottest social media markets to find your target customer.

Instagram has over 300 million active users, and is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. Using Instagram for business is an excellent way to reach your target customer. If you know how to use it the right way!

Instagram statistics boast 120% more engagement than Twitter and 58% more engagement than Facebook!


Why should you care about driving more engagement to your business profile on Instagram?


The reasons are simple. By growing your own business account and driving engagement back to a CTA (call to action in your profile) you will grow a bigger, more responsive lead list directly from the social channel itself.

It means unlimited potential – people and brands will be looking for, and finding you on Instagram if you do things just right.

While Instagram will never move as fast as Twitter, the feed does move quickly.

Head’s Up: In March 2016 Instagram announced its first ever use of a popularity algorithm. Before you only had a split second to grab the audience attention before they scrolled past. Now, you stand a better chance for interested audience members to see what you have to say.



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Here are 6 Super Charged Instagram for business tips to accomplish your goal of audience interaction.

Use Good Light

Do you have any pictures on your phone that you’ve taken in a poorly lit room or outside in the dark? Yeah, those are the ones. Lighting is probably the most important factor in a photo, so if you are second guessing the quality of a photo, then you probably shouldn’t post it.


Use Hashtags 

Hashtags can instantly connect you with people who share your same interests, passions, products or issues, among others. Hashtag your favorite company to be connected with them as an influencer. If they like what they see you could become a brand ambassador and get free stuff, or better, get paid! Or, just the simple notoriety of being featured may be just enough. Use hashtags to ATTRACT the type of clients you’d like to see come to YOU for business.


Connect Your Instagram Account to Other Profiles Available 

Within your settings on Instagram you can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr profiles to name a few. You can set it and forget it, to keep posting to your other profile feeds. Even if you are not paying attention to those profiles at the moment, if you have them out there, you do not want to run the risk of having a stale news feed if someone finds you during search. Posting regularly will keep your profiles fresh and legitimate.


Be You

You should never portray yourself as someone else if you are on social media for business or a brand. People buy from people on social, not companies. Show that you are a real person, who has a real life, and is someone other than the face of a company. Post a picture of your disaster of a kitchen table (like mine), post a pumpkin you just carved. Get creative. People like to see the behind-the-scenes of the inner workings of any company.



Be sure to respond to direct messages, comments, likes if you want to. People have taken the time to interact with you, so you take the time to reply. Repost others photos and make comments, shouting out to your follower. You will get endless love.



Another type of content is becoming the new trend – it’s called UGC (User Generated Content) – and it’s a great thing for online marketers who are just plain burned out from churning out the content day after day, hour after hour! Companies like Burberry, Starbucks, and Belkin have all taken advantage of this trend, [read here] and their sales have surged. Even if you are a start up solopreneur, you can coin a unique hashtag for your brand, and start shouting out to your followers to start using it. Believe us, the love will soon follow!



We love Instagram. The platform is so unique and eye pleasing and just FUN. More than anything, we LOVE seeing our audience grow from highly receptive and eager audience members.

You can experience this same excitement too. Once you have started to build the response to your business profile, why not guide the user to the next step in your marketing funnel?



Intentional Marketer University has great success dovetailing our Instagram audience over to our Facebook IMU Biz Nation group. Here we are able to provide weekly advice and training, live office hours, webinars, and updates.



Think about instituting this same amount of value to your audience. Reward those people who have taken the time and effort to hear what you have to say.



We love to hear your feedback and meet the rising star entrepreneurs out there. Leave us a comment below if this post has inspired you to think differently on Instagram.



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