How to Build an Email List

How To Learn To Turn Followers Into Customers Just 15 Minutes A Day

How to Turn Followers into Customers

You’ve managed to build up quite a following on your Facebook or Instagram page….You get a decent number of likes and comments on your posts but you haven’t sold anything in a month.

What gives?

Why aren’t you making any money?

The truth is loyal fans don’t pay the mortgage. Actual paying customers do. So what is the secret sauce then to turn these raving fans on Facebook to actual buyers? Read on to find out!

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Listen to Your Followers Feedback

Not every review, comment or suggestion on your website or social media account is worth listening to. Some people just hate life. Some people are just nice to everyone! The trick is to take the median of those responses and look for the true, constructive criticism and respond to it. So if you are able to implement anything that your followers have suggested to you,  be sure to let them know!

First, be personal. Don’t set up an IFTTT automated response telling people, “thanks for your comment, we will be sure to check that out”. NO! Be personal. Be unique in your response and respond to each comment or complaint and give them the feeling that you appreciate them as a person and not a number.

If you manage your customer comments using social media like Facebook or Twitter, then be sure to tag your customer on your resolution. It will not only single them out and make them feel loved, but it will show others that you care about each one of them personally.

Generate Exclusive Deals for Your Followers

Make your followers feel special! To keep your followers coming back, give them a deal that keeps them coming back again and again. Start a deal of the week that contains an Instagram only coupon code. Exclusivity makes people feel awesome, and special. This will keep followers coming back again for more.

Promote Your Followers

Contests are a great way to ignite and excite your followers! There are a few different contest choices you can use for your business,  but a great one is to call out those who love you most. Host a contest that calls your followers to feature your product, snap a photo of it, post and use a designated hashtag for your business. You can search by your hashtag and choose the winner! Starbucks KILLS it with this promotion every year by promoting their coffee cup challenge every Christmas. It’s amazing.

Customer Testimonials

Take special note of the shout outs you get on social media. Whether it’s about your products, services, or just you, make sure to take note. Then, just ASK that follower if you can share it! Sharing testimonials reminds everyone else how awesome you and your business are, and makes others think they could be missing out by not checking you out.

Be Likable

We’ve been telling you since the dawn of marketing that in order for people to connect with you, they have to LIKE you. So how do you get people to like you? Besides your natural charm, here are a few ways:

  • Don’t post sub-standard photos. While you don’t want to post completely unrealistic images, you can use a few tricks to make your images look more enticing. Use filters, cool angles, lighting or photography tricks.
  • Personalize your brand. Show people what makes you so darn likeable! Feature fun photos of you and your team. Give your followers a behind the scenes look at your company and your every day jam. Shoot a few off the cuff videos showing your stuff.
  • Be REAL. Do not sugar coat the reality of your business. Show your team and your products as they are in real life. Post real, authentic, in the moment photos of the leaders in your company. This will personify your business and open doors you never thought possible.

Finally….take your followers OFF of social and ONTO your email list!

As you read in our blog post on How to Start an Email List, you learned that your email list (1 of 3 things) are the lifeblood of your business. While you’re followers are true cheerleaders for your business, the truth is only 10-15% of them are seeing your posts on a daily basis, thanks to new Facebook and Instagram algorithms. And, when someone takes the time to subscribe to your email list, they are TELLING you that they want to hear more from you!

Recently I spoke to a business owner who told me that when they give up an email address, they really are interested, because they don’t want spam mail. SO, when you get that email address, treat it like gold. GOLD, Jerry, GOLD! (a cheap Seinfeld reference…Meredith and I are obsessed) Then, you can gingerly introduce yourself and your business, offer more free value, bettering your prospects life, and finally present your offer.

After all of that, how could anyone say no??


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