How To Learn To Turn Followers Into Customers Just 15 Minutes A Day

How to Turn Followers into Customers

You’ve managed to build up quite a following on your Facebook or Instagram page….You get a decent number of likes and comments on your posts but you haven’t sold anything in a month.

What gives?

Why aren’t you making any money?

The truth is loyal fans don’t pay the mortgage. Actual paying customers do. So what is the secret sauce then to turn these raving fans on Facebook to actual buyers? Read on to find out!

Listen to Your Followers Feedback

Not every review, comment or suggestion on your website or social media account is worth listening to. Some people just hate life. Some people are just nice to everyone! The trick is to take the median of those responses and look for the true, constructive criticism and respond to it. So if you are able to implement anything that your followers have suggested to you,  be sure to let them know!

First, be personal. Don’t set up an IFTTT automated response telling people, “thanks for your comment, we will be sure to check that out”. NO! Be personal. Be unique in your response and respond to each comment or complaint and give them the feeling that you appreciate them as a person and not a number.

If you manage your customer comments using social media like Facebook or Twitter, then be sure to tag your customer on your resolution. It will not only single them out and make them feel loved, but it will show others that you care about each one of them personally.

Generate Exclusive Deals for Your Followers

Make your followers feel special! To keep your followers coming back, give them a deal that keeps them coming back again and again. Start a deal of the week that contains an Instagram only coupon code. Exclusivity makes people feel awesome, and special. This will keep followers coming back again for more.

Promote Your Followers

Contests are a great way to ignite and excite your followers! There are a few different contest choices you can use for your business,  but a great one is to call out those who love you most. Host a contest that calls your followers to feature your product, snap a photo of it, post and use a designated hashtag for your business. You can search by your hashtag and choose the winner! Starbucks KILLS it with this promotion every year by promoting their coffee cup challenge every Christmas. It’s amazing.

Customer Testimonials

Take special note of the shout outs you get on social media. Whether it’s about your products, services, or just you, make sure to take note. Then, just ASK that follower if you can share it! Sharing testimonials reminds everyone else how awesome you and your business are, and makes others think they could be missing out by not checking you out.

Be Likable

We’ve been telling you since the dawn of marketing that in order for people to connect with you, they have to LIKE you. So how do you get people to like you? Besides your natural charm, here are a few ways:

  • Don’t post sub-standard photos. While you don’t want to post completely unrealistic images, you can use a few tricks to make your images look more enticing. Use filters, cool angles, lighting or photography tricks.
  • Personalize your brand. Show people what makes you so darn likeable! Feature fun photos of you and your team. Give your followers a behind the scenes look at your company and your every day jam. Shoot a few off the cuff videos showing your stuff.
  • Be REAL. Do not sugar coat the reality of your business. Show your team and your products as they are in real life. Post real, authentic, in the moment photos of the leaders in your company. This will personify your business and open doors you never thought possible.

Finally….take your followers OFF of social and ONTO your email list!

As you read in our blog post on How to Start an Email List, you learned that your email list (1 of 3 things) are the lifeblood of your business. While you’re followers are true cheerleaders for your business, the truth is only 10-15% of them are seeing your posts on a daily basis, thanks to new Facebook and Instagram algorithms. And, when someone takes the time to subscribe to your email list, they are TELLING you that they want to hear more from you!

Recently I spoke to a business owner who told me that when they give up an email address, they really are interested, because they don’t want spam mail. SO, when you get that email address, treat it like gold. GOLD, Jerry, GOLD! (a cheap Seinfeld reference…Meredith and I are obsessed) Then, you can gingerly introduce yourself and your business, offer more free value, bettering your prospects life, and finally present your offer.

After all of that, how could anyone say no??

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28 comments: On How To Learn To Turn Followers Into Customers Just 15 Minutes A Day

  • The personal touch is always a winner for me, Anne. Everyone likes to feel a little bit special. I’m just working on testimonials for my arts and crafts school as I know it really helps people trust your service. These are great tips and I love the new theme, very clean and classy.

  • Yes! Love your advice and suggestions (and your Seinfeld reference). Social media marketing requires being social and being personal. I’ll be the first to admit it though: email marketing is not my fav. I put effort into collecting emails but don’t enjoy emailing my list. Great actionable tips that businesses should take to heart!

  • Yes, this is great having our followers off to another email list to conact iwth so we can further build engagement. This is my plan and see that it workws well with online buisness. A great article and got a lot of helpful tips.

    Lori English

  • As someone who responds to every comment on every post of mine on FB, I get the importance of authenticity and building relationships. My biggest challenge is getting people who say they are interested, to actually commit to saying yes to themselves. This is somewhat frustrating. Also I really do need to create an entirely new email list for my health and wellness business, as my main list is for my writing etc. I also always tag people when replying to them, as I know this goes a long way in making them feel welcome. Thanks for the tips Anne, as the online world gets more crowded, it’s important for us to stand out from the crowd.

  • [Anne] There is so much to think about, isn’t there. I agree a separate list may be helpful in response. Thank you!!

  • [Anne] Thanks Meghan! Meredith and I are Seinfeld enthusiasts!! Getting into the groove of communication with the list can be difficult, I agree. I do feel it’s important!!

  • [Anne] Thank you so much! The theme is still a little buggy but we are working it out slowly! Good luck 🙂

  • [Anne] Thanks Lori! I’m glad we could give you some helpful tips to use 🙂

  • Preach it sister… social media is where we build the relationships and get folks ONTO our email list.. if you are just posting to post.. you are building relationships just for the sh*t of it. FAIL Great job

  • Everything you say is a must do. It’s all about building relationships. Listening to your customers is key and being more about others than about yourself.

  • I am finally getting some good lead magnets and email sequences in place to convert… it is slow going! But right now, at the size my lists are, it is possible to respond to all… not sure how that works further down the road!

  • The personal touch always wins! I agree with you 100%. Ultimately, it is about creating relationships and offering them value… through social media AND via email.

  • this is great advice, and I know i need to be more consistent. My biggest struggle is an email list that is basically unresponsive (10% open rate). Should I be getting those poeple, who do not open my emails, off my list? And is there any particular formula for getting people on your list interested in opening or re-engaging them?

  • The more personal you can be when you interact with your followers and fans, the better they feel about sharing their email address with you 🙂 100% agree with all you shared Ann, thank you 🙂

  • You caught my attention about only 10- 15 % of followers will be seeing your posts due to the algorithms. Social media is great because you never know who is going to respond and who is going to share. Point well taken that the focus really needs to be on building a relation through email.

  • Taking your followers off social media to your email list is my biggest take away here. I have a client who doesn’t seem to understand the importance of growing his email list in spite of all the doctrine I have to give him about it. I love the tips.

  • This is so right on! I can give you an example of someone locally who is doing this well. There’s a new premium pet food store in our neighborhood that is SOOOO expensive. We nearly fell over when we saw the price of their dog food. But then they said, follow us on Facebook to get a discount. And from there we eventually subscribed to their email. They offer exclusive, stackable promotions to their FB followers and email subscribers. And guess who only shops at this dog food store now? They looped us in with the lure of exclusive discounts, and followed it up with great service. That inspires loyalty.

  • [Anne] It really works, doesn’t it, Jennifer! Thanks for your comment and framing it in a real life example!

  • [Anne] I was just talking about that with my business partner today. It’s hard for people to adopt the mindset of email! Social is just the beginning….Thank you!

  • [Anne] Thank you for your comment! We tend to forget that Facebook or any social channel owns and controls who sees what. While its unlikely to get a 100% open rate, at least the control is with you and your reader!

  • [Anne] 100% agree Joan! I have been enjoying your posts too!

  • [Anne] Love your comments Kristen! You definitely tell it like it is and I LOVE it!! Agree with you 100%

  • [Anne] For sure Christy. Thanks for your comment and can’t wait to read more about Pearly 🙂

  • [Anne] When it becomes to much to reply that’s when you hire a VA! 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  • [Anne] I like being able to control when my emails go out and knowing they make it to the inbox. This is not true of social unless you pay for it! Thank you!

  • [Anne] There are tricks to getting people to open – try different subject headings perhaps? Google “tweakyourbiz headline generator” and try that. It works like a charm. Also, you can work with your email provider for deliverability options. I also like to tell people on the thank you page to check their promotions tabs or Spam email boxes and nicely say “it happens”, because it does! That said, we use ConvertKit and do not use a template. Our emails go STRAIGHT to the main inbox which is a SCORE and a half! Let me know if you have any questions!

  • I am slowly beginning to spend more time on social media. My goal is to convert those followers into clients!

  • Great post and great advice, Anne. This is all so do-able, yet we forget! I especially liked the idea of showcasing testimonials more. Also to run an easy contest. I am not sure how to do it in the context of a coaching business, but the seed of the idea is planted and I believe an idea will come.

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