Attention Grabbers: How to Get People Talking About You

“If people aren’t talking about you, they’re not talking about you for a reason. And the reason isn’t that they dislike you. They’re not talking about you because you’re boring.” ~ Seth Godin



Attention Grabbers: How to Get People Talking About You

The biggest challenge for business owners marketing using the internet is how to make your products stand out, and become, well, less boring. Even if you only sell three total products in your business, there are still ways you can make your business exciting and stand out from the crowd.



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So, how can you get people to start talking about you?



The key is to apply imagination and tell your story in a way that will attract people’s attention.

Boring products really do solve problems. Perhaps your product solves a problem, but doesn’t necessarily spark the imagination. You can still stand out, and here are some strategies you can use to attract attention:

Come to the Rescue

Exciting AND boring products solve problems! Every product out there solves the problems of a specific audience. Create your content and market to the niche that your product serves.


To create content that solves problems, ask yourself these questions:

  • What kinds of needs are happening in my niche?
  • Who is my distinct customer that has a need I can solve?
  • What type of content can I create that will help my audience resolve these problems?


Reach Out to Your Audience

Your product may be perceived as “boring”, but you are still able to create interesting content, stories and useful education that appeals to your niche’s passions in life.

In order to reach your target audience with your content, ask yourself these questions when thinking about your product:

  • Who do I want to work with?
  • What is their lifestyle?
  • What are their passions?
  • How can I provide content that will make them interact?

No matter what kind of product or service you offer, there’s no reason to be boring! Make it your goal to be entertaining and surprising!



What Are You Good At?

Content creation does not have to be all writing. A lot of people equate content with writing. Content is SO much more than just writing…

Ask yourself… do you prefer to express yourself?

The camera? Take photos of your product in use and include quotes and helpful hints in the caption.

On video? Record a video tutorial of one of your products and post to your social media channels.

In front a class? Host free webinars using Google Hangouts teaching people how to use your product.



Encourage People to Interact with You…about anything

Social media presents the perfect opportunity to apply this because conversations are already happening that are not focused on your product, pushy or self-promotional. Just talk to people about anything and they will talk back!

Ask questions of your audience in your social media posts and request responses in the comments.

Comment on your followers’ posts asking questions and encouraging engagement.

Include a call to action at the end of all your blog posts to comment on the post.


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What strategies are you using to get over your boring or limited brand? 

Let us know your best actions in the comments!

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