IMU Lead & Sales Guide: 5 Activities To Start Using Today

IMU Lead & Sales Guide: 5 Activities To Start Using Today

As you scour the internet to effective methods to be successful in business, it is likely that you are looking for that one size fits all cure. The simple, ah ha! moment where everything now makes sense.

Chances are very good, ok, more like 99.9% positive that you will not find this one size fits all solution. It simply doesn’t exist, but there is good news.


Over our years in business, the IMU team has found (and used) 5 business tested activities to generate sales and leads.


No matter how you tackle it, the BEST strategy for you in your business is to use the internet and social media to generate leads and sales. But be warned, if you are simply posting to social media without a defined marketing plan and goals, then all you are doing is posting (and wasting time).


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The one thing we hear the most is that money is a problem. And we get it! This is what leads most business owners on a wild internet chase to find that one, free, fix all cure. Again, the wild chase is just that. But have no fear! You can embrace the power of the internet, even if you are working on a very minimal budget.


Here is the most invaluable tip w e have ever learned: Let your minimal budget focus your mind on activities that generate money. Minimal budgets make you ask the question all the time, “What will get me the best sales results?”


So let’s dive into it: IMU Lead & Sales Guide: 5 Activities To Start Using Today. Use these activities to generate leads, convert them into sales, and build loyal customers.

Instead of just random posting today, doing what you believe everyone else is doing, focus on posting with the intent of capturing leads and making money.



Action #1: Education

  1. Social media users want information instead of a hard sell. Educate about why you love your product, what it has done for you.


How to educate the customer


Educating people will make them want to know more. Save all your educational social media posts’ as PDF files and when a lead asks for the information again, offer it in exchange for their email “Sure I will send it right to you! What is the best email address?” When you send the PDF via email make sure that you have a social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that they can click and follow you on. This must be your business page! Taking leads to your business page, gets them in the mindset that you are a business, not just another random Facebook user.

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Action #2: Nurturing Relationships

So you have made 1 sale? That’s great. Why? Because you have a relationship.

You have talked to 5 people about your product? Perfect. Why? Because you have at least talked to someone. Even if they haven’t bought, they are thinking about it.

Make a plan to nurture these people, whether personally, or through an email or social media contact.






Make sure your follow up and plan to nurture your potential lead. Every contact you have with these “seeds” will not turn into a sale, but you can guarantee that no prospects will convert to sales if you’re not nurturing them on a regular basis. How many people will you contact today? We are not talking about strangers, the goal here is to nurture the relationships you already have. Aim for at least 1 follow up conversation today.



Action #3: Offer a Free 15 Minute Consultation

Offering something for free is the easiest, fastest, and highest converting form of lead generation we have ever experienced. Take 10 minutes to post this headline to all your social media pages:

“Free for the first 10 people who contact me: A consultation regarding your (problem areas, something your product line will do to solve their problem)”

Place your email address, phone number, Facebook messenger ID, etc. However you want people to contact you. Remember you can give a consultation to as many people as you want, but placing a number in the post gives a sense of urgency on the customer’s side.

AIM FOR LEADS: Run your free consultation strategy for a full week. Every day. Leads who saw it the day before and needed a minute to think about their problem, will scoop up the offer on the second or third day. By the end of the week, you will have generated considerable leads.


Action #4: Write an Article About Your Favorite Product

Start by gathering information about the favorite product you are trying to sell right now. If you have a blog already set up, post your article on your blog. Then take your blog link and go to all your favorite social media sites.

On each of your pages let everyone know that you have a new article up about “XYZ” product. “Come visit me here (your link) to see what I just found out!”


Since you already have followers on your social media accounts, people like you, and trust you.

Still uncertain about how to write and industry article? Check out what Copyblogger has to say about it.



Inside of the social media post (to promote your newest article) give a call to action for your audience to email you, message you, inbox you, etc. for more information.

This is capturing the email lead. Promptly follow up when they get in touch with you.



Action # 5: Include Your Contact Numbers

Adding a contact number to your website or social media posts may seem daunting at first. Doing so however, massively increases customer trust in you and lends credibility to your offer.

After all, how many legit scammers are giving out their personal number? Even if your customers don’t actually call, the presence of a phone number does bring them some comfort.




When you post to social media today, or write on your blog, send out an email, or any other form of marketing, include your contact phone number at the bottom (text or call) you will be amazed at how many people actually use it! If you are nervous, have a script ready to go. Answer the phone :”Hello this is (your name), I have 10 minutes before my next call…” This leads the caller to immediately get right to the point.

The people who actually call you? These are the buyer’s! These are your hottest leads, just make sure you answer promptly because as soon as you answer their question chances are very high that their next question will be how can they purchase. Phone numbers work amazingly well, way better than email addresses, again, think personal…



The IMU Lead & Sales Guide: 5 Activities To Start Using Today, are all simple and cost-effective ways to generate leads, right?

But sometimes the most effective new-age marketing is to just go back to basics.


Get personal again! We recommend that you engage in at least one of these activities starting today.

Using these strategies combined with your other marketing activities will ensure that you always have a constant stream of new leads to convert into customers.



Want more reach with your Facebook posts?

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