How to Build Your Lead List: It’s the Lifeline of Your Business


Building your social media profiles are a wise move. Making sure that you have a Google listing is great. Learning how to optimize your website for SEO and learning how to run Facebook ads are all fantastic plans for building your business. But…

Learning How to Build Your Lead List is crucial to the life of your business.

Learning How to Build Your Lead List is the TRUE lifeline of your business. It is the living, breathing, element of your business that is made up of REAL people! People who will buy your products!

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How to Build Your Lead List is broken down into 5 parts so let’s jump right in! Don’t worry, building your lead list is really simple, and once you start building it, you can legitimately start growing your business!

How to Build Your Lead List: what is a lead list?

Part I: What is a Lead List?

How to build your lead list all starts with knowing what it is.

Lead lists evolve from knowing what your perfect customer “looks like”. The person that is most likely to buy your products.

Knowing your customer is the most important aspect of your business. Growing your business means you need to nurture a lead list that is filled with the same people as your current customers.

The key for how to build your lead list:, one filled with people who would like to buy from you, is all about knowing their demographics. This is their lifestyle qualities, social media behavior and purchasing habits etc.

You can target customers where they are hanging out online and by showing them products they are already interested in, you have won the biggest battle of securing more sales!

Building Your List

The easiest way of building your new list is to look at your existing customers (if this is your first month in business, look at your colleague’s customers) this will help you create your customer profile. Once you can describe your best customer, you can target them.

Identifying Your Customers

Start by looking at your current customers. Who are they? What age are they? Are they on social media? What pages do they like? What is their income?

What do these customers purchase? Do they show an interest in larger or smaller price points? How do they spend their free time? What are their hobbies?

Start by collecting answers to these questions. You might find out more information about your customers than what we have listed here!

But once you know what they do, and what they like to do, you have a great opportunity to increase sales by selling where they are looking.

How to Build Your Lead List: Real life examples of lead magnets to build an email list


Part II: Real Life Examples

When people first came to your website or social media page, they are not ready to buy from you. That’s why learning how to build your lead list is so important.

To get them in the buying mood, you must create an enticing lead magnet. A lead magnet is an offer (free) that gives your prospective customer value in exchange for their email address.

Don’t worry if your mind starts to feel numb at this point! We have included real life examples for you to follow below.

Having a lead magnet means you can grow your business as fast as you want. This is because you are increasing the trust factor with your audience and allowing for unlimited follow ups until they are ready to buy.


Real Life Example #1 – Offer a COUPON, EXCLUSIVE DEAL, or FREE SHIPPING

What it is:offer a coupon or discount as a lead offer

If you visit any number of companies that sell products online, you will find offers to join their email newsletter and in return you get a coupon for a discount or free shipping.

How this offer works:

In this example the customer would come onto your website, or social media page, and see an image promoting your deal in exchange for their email address.

Why It Works:

People love free stuff, and enjoy saving money whenever possible. An email address is a small price to pay to save money on favorite products. In return, the customer usually ends up spending the same amount they are saving on more products.


Real Life Example #2 – Offer a WEBINAR OR RECORDED VIDEO TUTORIALOffer a webinar or video tutorial as a lead offer

What is it:

An offer where you teach viewers about the benefits of your products and services.

The up-sell on the webinar is giving your viewers the chance to buy your products or services right there for (possibly) a discounted price or an early bird sale.

How this offer works:

The webinar offer works to drive leads and sales because you are targeting interested viewers. Even if they do not buy from you on the webinar, you have a chance to continue follow up through email interactions.

Why it works:

Visible proof that you are trustworthy. Remember how we said no one comes to your website or social media page ready to buy from a person they have never met or seen?

Webinars take the trust factor to a whole new level. Customers can see you, hear your voice, and watch your mannerisms. Curious as to why Facebook live videos are so popular? It is because your audience wants to SEE you.



How to Build Your Lead List: why lead lists get people to buy your products


Part III: Why Lead Lists Solve the Biggest Problem in Your Business (Getting People to Buy Products)

Lead lists are the art of problem solving.

Your product or service isn’t what makes a person want to be your customer – finding a solution to their problem is what they care about.

Your business will become successful when you start highlighting the solutions you provide to the customer’s problem.

If your sales are slow, chances are good that you’re not applying the problem-solving attitude to your online marketing.

How to use Problem Solving to Grow Your Lead List:

  • Create how-to content.

Begin by writing website or social media posts that solve peoples’ problems!  People reading your content will want to know more about the products providing solutions to their problem. When writing your how-to content, focus on providing actionable advice. Something your customer can do right away.


  • Find real life problems that feed your content.

Where will you continue to find the problems your customers need solving?

Ask your audience members, groups online, and any other forum type pages about their questions and problems. This will not only establish trust (that you care about their problems) and authority (that you are the person who knows the solution) but, it shortens the buying cycle as well


How to Build Your Lead List: how to implement list building for your business


Part IV: How to Implement List Building for Your Business

Learning how to build your lead list is all about being smart about where you are finding people to join your list.

Place your free offers (remember part II about free offers in exchange for an email address) in multiple places where your customers are visiting.

This includes your social sites, on your website, and certainly on the description of all your YouTube or Vimeo videos.


Be Specific with Your Call To Action

Placing your offers and email opt in pages in the right places are important, but more important for how to build your lead list, is using the right words to entice customers to take you up on your offer.

Don’t be vague, let your customers know exactly what they are signing up for.

Highlight the main benefits, solutions to their problems, and any other sweet spot that your audience is looking for. Place the big benefits right in the headline of your offer and focus on specific benefits.



How to Build Your Lead List: What to do with a lead list once you get subscribers


Part V: Conclusion: What To Do After You Capture an Email

Even though this guide focuses on How to Build Your Lead List and not on email marketing strategies (more on that soon!), these helpful resources can get you started on the right foot after capturing an email.

At this stage, the goal is to convert your subscribers to paying customers.

Show subscribers you’re worth sticking around for by providing them with quality, educational content. Some examples of useful emails are:

1. Educational Content

Send emails that focus on issues your customers care about, you will know what to talk about if you know their problems.

By tracking how many times your subscribers click links inside of your emails you can refine your content even further.


2. Industry News and Trends

One of the reasons people subscribe to emails is to stay up-to-date on the latest news. Help your subscribers by sending out updates on trends and products relevant to their interests. This will help engage your audience, and build yourself as a trustworthy and knowledgeable source.


3. Social Proof

Motivate your leads to become a customer with social proof in the form of testimonials, shares, likes, etc. Social proof means if other people are liking you and buying from you, then they should be doing it to.

Show leads that there are plenty of people just like them that trust you! Invite them to your social media pages, webinars, or other interactive community-based pages.

Now it’s your turn! Register for your FREE seat on our upcoming webinar to Learn the Simple Ways the Pros Use to Sell Products Online.

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