Network Marketing Strategy: 7 Ways to Simplify and Find Success



When you get started in network marketing, which also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), or direct sales, you can guarantee within your first few weeks you are going to come across some hype. BIG time. This will either come from your own company pumping you up to make thousands a month, by following a process of finding 3 people, who find 3 people, who find 3 people…..making it sound like people will be banging your door down the minute you post to Facebook that you are a new representative.

It’s that easy, right?

The goal of this article is to give you pure, helpful information to increase your business all through using simplicity!


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  1. Focus on Building Your Team.

While you may be tempted to shout at everyone and anyone who is willing to listen, you should rather think about and visualize the perfect people that would want to go into business for themselves. Invite those people you have strategically chosen to meet you for lunch or over a cup of coffee. Do not charge into your meeting shouting about your business. Instead, enjoy your lunch! Engage in conversation and begin to bring the conversation around to what you are doing for work and how you’ve started a new business. Encourage questions and answer honestly how you are feeling. You should definitely avoid the get rich quick hype, and instead truthfully and honestly inform people of the steps they need to take in order to build a successful business.

By doing this you are simplifying your efforts and only recruiting people who understand that this is in fact a real business, which requires time and education to build their business. You are sure to get further faster by focusing on your team, then selling the products alone.



TIP!  Does the image above clarify the point? Simplify your business life! Only focus on recruiting highly motivated individuals, then nurture them through team building exercises. This will prove to be crucial for your MLM success.




  1. Simplify Your Income.

Statistics show that 97% of MLM distributors will not succeed in their business. This is probably because number one, they did not treat their venture like a true business, but also because they did not take their income serious enough!

While it is great to be in love with the products, it is even better to be in love with the PROFITS!




Start an income spreadsheet. This can be electronic or pen and paper. But just make sure that you have a monetary goal in mind. What is your strategy to reach this goal? How much are you spending out in products, marketing, and business education? Know the goals for your business and keep them in front of you. Simplify your income by keeping goals simple, when you start making money, you can easily scale up profits to start making full time income.

For example, does your company require a minimum spend each month to stay active? Be sure to include that in your spreadsheet. The first month, your goal should be to cover your expenses. Explore free marketing (the correct way) through internet research such as on online marketing blogs and leaders. The second month, make your goal to double your spending requirement so that you are paying to stay active, as well as making a little money. This could be by focusing on recruiting one team member, and 3 new buyers. Each month you will build momentum and scale your efforts up! Keep track of all of this on your income worksheet.


Reach the Ultimate Business Breakthrough with 1,000 Customers

Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition! Move Towards 1,000 Customers

Click here to Download


  1. Simplify Lead Generation.

Do you have an email database that you are actively building every day? Simplify every action you make daily with one goal in mind. Capturing emails, whether you build the lists from the people who have talked to you in person or on social media (directly, not through a “like” only), have opted in to your freebie, or have come from watching some of your videos, your success is dependent upon you having a large email list so the business can continue to grow.


TIP! Every leader in your company is creating content and interesting information that they are giving away in exchange for emails. Simplify capturing emails. A great idea is to write a 3 page e-book filled with little known, interesting facts that compliment your products. Make sure that this is something people are eager to know and could not be found on a simple Google search.


  1. Create a Monthly Budget.

Here is that 97% statistic again. But yes, 97% of MLM distributors will never figure out how much they are putting out, versus how much they are bringing in.

Similarly, 97% of your peers will never believe that they need to invest in their business to be strong and successful. This was discussed in point number 1. You are going to have to include marketing costs, education costs, travel, and products. There is so much more to being highly successful in MLM then just talking to people and selling a product here or there. Be sure to include all your costs in you spreadsheet and be mindful of that extra vendor show at $25 a table you sign up for. The prospect of a new customer or two may not pay for the cost of the table. However, you must also consider the start-up cost of a new business. How much is a lead worth to you? A raffle box including email address on the raffle slips could garner multiple leads from which you can create sales. As long as you are staying within the budget you have set for yourself, that is realistic and affordable to y

TIP! Consider developing team training for a profit. We know that the bigger you build your team, the better your income. Simplify recruit’s decision to join your team. Create $1 webinars that give people the chance to try out your leadership before signing up. You prove that you can teach them how to be successful using your proven methods, they join the team. Win / Win.



  1. Simplify By Being the Expert.

Why wait 5 or 10 years in your company before you feel like an expert to position yourself as one?

It is much easier to spend the first 6 months in your business learning everything you can, imitating the strategies of industry leaders, attending webinars, and learning from them. Where most MLM distributors will go wrong, is that they do not tell anyone that they know a ton about the products, the team, and the business. By imitating the moves that leaders make, this ensures that your business will avoid mistakes and that you can teach others the same!



TIP! Position yourself as a leader and an innovator in your company. Use your knowledge to stand out among the 97%. Only 3% will ever become the true leaders, so learn from the leaders and then create your own niche and personal brand.


6. Simplify the Message. Use YouTube.

If you are not using YouTube to deliver a personal feel to your business, then you are seriously missing out! Video is powerful! Video is going to be the most cost effective way to create content that is loaded with value. Not only that, but people who watch videos 80% more receptive to buying.TIP! Get outside the box and be all-inclusive when you create network marketing content to deliver via your website, seminars or e-books. Make sure you cover the basics extensively.



7. Simplify Your Mind: Give it All You Have.

Never believe anyone that tries and tell you they got rich quick. They are trying to sell you something that is not true. They have worked, and worked HARD! The rule of life is you get out of it what you put into it.

Network marketing is going to be simple for you by following a daily pledge to yourself that you will work at it. Make a schedule, get certain, undeniable tasks done every day. (such as writing a blog post, doing a video, talking to 3 people, creating an email capture freebie, etc)


Reach the Ultimate Business Breakthrough with 1,000 Customers

Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition! Move Towards 1,000 Customers

Click here to Download


Be intentional and follow these steps day by day and soon you will be surprised how successful you are at multilevel marketing.

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