The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Mompreneur Business

Each Mompreneur business we work with always has a secret weapon. The key to their success is finding out what they could do today and what they can’t.

Lauren Kinghorn, of Inspiring Mompreneurs  has interviewed dozens of Mompreneurs and they all say the same thing, identify what you can do to take care of yourself to keep you the best for others.

As founders of Intentional Marketer and Ditch the Daycare, we offer support to Mompreneurs who need help identifying the 1 thing Mompreneurs can do for business.

We know that you have a crazy busy life and Mompreneur Business!



So, what is that 1 thing we have done as business owners while juggling the crazy busy lives as a wife and mom (Mompreneurs)?

When you decide to become an entrepreneur while balancing the demanding roles of parent and business owner, you have to accept right off the bat that you are not choosing an easy path.

And with that, the one best thing you can do for your business is to happily accept that…


You can’t do it all.



If you truly want to succeed as a Mompreneur, you must avoid the mistake of assuming you can and must do everything yourself.

You cannot be the primary caretaker, errand runner, cleaner, and planner of the household while working a business.

Accepting you cannot do it all and allowing others to fill in the gaps is the 1 thing you can do for your success.

Surround yourself with people who are smarter and have skill sets that you don’t. You will be more successful starting today by focusing on what you do really well, and letting others help you in areas where you aren’t so good.

You can’t be afraid or let your ego take control. When it comes to your business focus on what you can do that will make money and be open to other people helping you with the things you do not know how to make profitable.



It will not make sense for you to sit at a computer all day worrying about business tasks when you can outsource those items to people who do. You’ll end up spending all your time on things that don’t make you money and wonder why you can’t turn a profit.

Grab the Mompreneur checklist for a better grip on what can be done today and what can be left for someone else!

Intentional Marketer University (IMU) is a professional home business online marketing institution where home business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers get help on subjects such as: Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, and Leads to Sales Conversions.

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