3 Easy Ways to Add More Customers to Your Mompreneuer Business

3 easy ways to add more customers to your mompreneur business is not that hard. No really, hear us out. The actual steps it takes are not going to be hard, but the patience it takes to wait for your business to grow will be hard.

So how on earth can you, as a one person, momprenuer business actually make growth happen?

Start by using your best business asset: Your common sense. Again, none of these 3 easy ways to add more customers to your mompreneur business are going to be hard. They will just take patience and faith.


  1. Use Your Influence: Existing Customers Are Your Lifeblood

Even if you have one existing customer that loves you, their testimonials will go further to help you cultivate a customer base than anything else.

How you can act on this tip today: Do something for your current customers that will truly surprise and delight them. What is one thing you can do today that would make them want to post about it on their social media channels?


Here are some ideas:


Coupons or discounts in exchange for reviews.


Product review for entry into a contest – “Review your recent purchase for a $50 shopping spree on me!”


 Appeal to your social media followers.


 Make it easy for customers — link directly or provide an on-site form.


70% of small businesses are run by a single person, so this is not about how big your business is!

Use your customers as your #1 asset for getting the word out and bringing new customers into your business.




  1. You Are Your Best Promoter

No one knows your business better than you do!

So no more excuses that you can’t get the word out. There are more online platforms to get your business name into the world than ever before.

There are tons of easy and free options to help you do your own marketing (both local and online).

Just because you might have started your business on social media does not mean you should forget about your local customer market!


Here are some ideas:






Google Local


Network on LinkedIn


Video Blog on YouTube


Customize a Weekly Email for Customers Interested in Product Deals


There’s no excuse for suffering in obscurity! As mompreneurs we are living in a more connected world than ever before. All is takes is using what the internet gives you to get noticed and bring more customers into your mompreneur business.


  1. Let Social Media Help You


When it comes to social media, the benefits are too huge to ignore. Sure you might have a Facebook page, but what if your ideal audience isn’t using that social media channel?


Remember how we said 3 easy ways to add more customers to your mompreneur business is not that hard?

It really isn’t.


So if you have been spending hours on a particular social media channel and you aren’t getting any new customers, you’re making it too hard on yourself.

It isn’t that people hate you or your products, it’s that your customers aren’t looking for you on that channel!

When you want to find your customers on social, you must explore new social media sites.

Try joining a new social media site at least once a week until you find your perfect fit. The audiences on social media can vary a lot from site to site, so do your research, find your market, and go where they are!


3 easy ways to add more customers to your mompreneur business is not that hard, we listed 3 of the easiest ways to find new customers in this post, but there are many more!

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