Using Facebook Groups to Build a Community

There is hope…Using Facebook Groups to Build a Community is not dead!

Facebook is still the big dog of social media channels with over 1.7 million active monthly users. So of course, small businesses need to be using it in some form to connect with their audience. It used to be very easy to set up a Facebook brand page for your business and start building up your likes to get a massive organic reach but this is no longer possible.


Using Facebook Groups to build a community


Using Facebook groups is just one of the strategies that you can use to build your presence on Facebook.

Not only does it drive traffic to offers, incentives, and even your website; it establishes the coveted “know, like and trust” factor that you so importantly need to make sales using social media!

Before we build your Facebook group, let’s talk about WHY you should build your Facebook group.

  • As we mentioned, Facebook has HEAVILY restricted organic reach from Facebook Pages. Facebook Groups sends a notification to members whenever someone posts to the Group, which in turn drives traffic to every post.
  • Facebook Groups build trust. When you have a Facebook group and share valuable information in the form of blog posts, tips, videos, or tutorials, for example, you are establishing to your members that you are engaged and “know what you’re talking about”.


The more valuable your posts are, the faster your Group members will begin to trust you.


  • Facebook Groups build a community around your products. Many groups are created by businesses as a bonus for when someone buys their product or service. This can make members feel exclusive and provide an area they can get additional help from you.



First, you will build your Facebook group from your personal profile.

  • Click the down arrow in the top right of Facebook and select Create Group.


  • Fill in your group name, who you will want to add to your group and then choose the privacy setting of your group.*


Public Facebook Groups

Closed Groups

Secret Groups


  • Click Create


  • Incentivize People to Join


  • Keep the Group Active and Value-packed


  • Do not overtly sell in your Group. They are best used as a branding tool


Other ways you can bring value to the group is to “Go Live” and broadcast to your Group! Facebook Live is an amazing way to engage with your Group and build trust. Some examples:

Live Q & A

Product Tour

Live tutorial





  • Encourage Members to Share

Using Facebook groups to build a community does not mean that you will have 1,000 people interacting with your brand daily. Keep in mind there are many “lurkers” in Facebook groups! This just means people are watching and learning.

Your main goal though should be that of engagement. If you want your group to be successful, you want to make sure you are posting things that spark interaction with your content or with other group members.

Using Facebook groups to build a community will be one of your strongest brand assets you have.

Build an active, engaged community around the industry you serve, and you will build the trust you need to eventually make sales.

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