Your Facebook Cover Photo is *Waaaay* More Important Than You Think

Your Facebook cover photo is your opportunity to wow your fans and make a first impression. A well-designed timeline cover photo can tell your visitors who you are and what you are about instantly. Your main goal is to highlight the “Like” button.



You should be thinking about the following ways to use your Facebook cover photo:


  • Brand yourself
  • Feature the benefits of your product or service
  • Building your email list
  • Announce contests or promotions
  • Showcase testimonials and/or reviews
  • Show social proof (followers, likes etc)


You can include your contact information, pricing and make calls to action on your timeline cover.

Did you know that a successful cover photo can triple the number of fans you have on your Facebook business page?

That’s right! and it is all because a successful Facebook cover photo speaks your audiences ‘language’ and turns regular audience members into loyal fans who trust you and want to purchase (at some point) from you.


Other ways you can leverage your Facebook cover photo are:


  • Driving your fans to your website
  • Directing the fans to an offer
  • Providing a link to valuable information
  • Asking fans to Like you
  • Asking fans to share your page





Include Text (or don’t)

Facebook terms state that you cannot include contact information, blatant calls to action, discounts or price information, but they did leave it open enough to put other attention-grabbing things like:

  • Company tagline or slogan
  • Inspiring or motivational quote
  • Names of people in your photo
  • Credits

Watch this video to learn how you can use to design your Facebook Cover Photo.


Don’t forget your strong call to action: Let users know what you would like them to do. You should let them know why they should click on your Facebook cover photo. This could be to take advantage of a sale or deal, to read content, to request more information, etc.

Bottom line… a successful Facebook cover photo must have a very human feel to it. When used correctly, Facebook will be your effective platform for finding and engaging with your target market, increase traffic, and result in sales conversions.  Remember to always provide awesome deals to fans as a thank you for their following you and you will be rewarded with a community of fans creating conversations about your brand across the social web, and driving traffic to your website.

Intentional Marketer University (IMU) is a professional home business online marketing institution where home business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers get help on subjects such as: Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, and Leads to Sales Conversions.

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