Beat the Reach: The Facebook Algorithm and What You Can Do About It

There is No Doubt How Quickly Facebook Has Grown

Talk about a MASSIVE the audience is on Facebook, at last count, there are 1.654 BILLION users on Facebook. Can you wrap your head around that? The great news is: people spend an average of 20 minutes engaging with the content on their news feed. The bad news is: there are over 50 small businesses that have created a Facebook Page. In addition, 2 million of those pages are advertisers. How can you compete with that?



Many page admins have seen a sharp decline in their organic reach from their pages, and the answer has always been the same from Facebook; “we want to serve the user that is most relevant to them”. According to Facebook, a like (or any Reaction at this time) will infer that you want to see more of this type of content. Facebook will start to rank stories higher in the news feed that they think people will take action on, and which ones people would want to see at the top of their news feed.
We could dive deeper into the complicated metrics behind how Facebook does this. But for the regular person, this does not really do much good. We cannot all be programmers!
When thinking about our own business page, I broke it down into one simple idea: Post things that your fans will “like” or comment on.


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What this means for you, is that if you want to have a successful page, you need to post content (images, videos, links) that your fans want to see, and will be compelled to like, comment or share!


Here Are Some Ideas to Get Started

1. Photos
According to reports, people really dig it when you post photos:
Photos get 53% more likes
104% more comments
And 84% more click throughs



2. Post the Right Size

Posts with fewer characters perform better on Facebook than those with longer captions. If you post a photo with 80 characters or less, you will get 66% more engagement. Keep it short and sweet.



3. Post Less than More on Facebook

On other social media channels, such as Twitter, you can post up to 100 times a day. How do you think that would go over on Facebook? Not great. Post 1-2 times a day and garnish up to 40% more engagement. If you want to an engaged business, posting every day, or nearly every day, is a must.



4. Ask Questions

You can generate a lot of activity by posting images of a simple question of your Fans. What is the natural thing to do when asked a question? Answer it of course! Here are some things to think about when asking questions on Facebook:
– Keep it short
– Keep it simple
– Ask Yes or No type questions – one that requires a one or two word answer
Remember, getting a comment is a way to boost your Page posts to the top of your Fans newsfeeds. A question is a great way to do that.



5. Post Viral Content

The most viral content usually comes in the form of inspiration or humor. These are light-hearted types of posts that people like to share posts that make people feel 1)good or 2)make them laugh, are likely to be shared.



6. Run Contests
People love to win! Contests are a great way to keep the excitement going on your Page. The other great news about contests is you no longer have to have a 3rd party app to host your contest. You can do it for free yourself!
– Post a status update
– Asks fans to like or comment
Easy as that!
Check out this contest we are running now at Intentional Marketer University:


(Embed YOUR posts on your website for even MORE engagement, instructions courtesy of one of my favorite tools, Post Planner)




Don’t be afraid of complicated terms like “algorithm”. In simple language, all we are talking about is posting things that people want to see, and therefore like, comment or share it.
Comment below YOUR most popular posts and spread the love!

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