4 Ways to Use Facebook Trending Topics For Your Business

4 Ways to Use Facebook Trending Topics For Your Business



When you are marketing your business online, it would make sense that you would want to give your followers content that they find interesting. Hopefully, while you’ve been working in your business, you’ve begun to get an understanding of your target audience. Additionally, If you have done this, you should know some basic things about them like gender, interests, income, location, to name a few, and are already producing social media posts and blog/website content that would appeal to them.


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However, even if you are producing stellar content that your audience wants to see, chances are, unless they are clicking on your links from your email newsletter, or happen to see the post on their Facebook news feed, (or Praise! An SEO search) they will not see the articles and blog posts you worked so hard preparing for them.


Enter Facebook Trending Topics.


What is Trending?


Trending shows you topics that have recently become popular on Facebook. Facebook determines the topics that have been trending by a number of factors, including:

  • Engagement (likes, comments and shares)
  • Timeliness (is this topic recent and relevant?)
  • Pages you already like
  • Your Location


Where can you find Trending Topics?


On a computer, these topics will appear on the right hand side of your News Feed and are listed in 1 of 5 categories:

  • All News
  • Politics
  • Science and Technology
  • Sports and Entertainment


On your mobile device, trending topics will be in one big list, which can be found by tapping the Search box.


You can see more content about a trending topic simply by clicking a trending topic. You’ll be taken to a page that includes public posts and other posts from your network that are related to that topic. Conversely, if you don’t want to see a particular trending topic, you can simply hover over that topic and click the “x” next to it. You will have to give a reason why you don’t want to see that topic.



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Here are 4 Ways to Use Facebook Trending Topics For Your Business


  1. Create an Engaging Post on Facebook using Popular Culture.

Go to the right hand side of your News Feed (or the Search bar on mobile) and view what topics are trending today in popular culture. When I wrote this post, Taylor Swift was trending. (When is she not??)





When I clicked on the trending topic, I was brought to all of the public posts and posts within my network.





To get in on the conversation, and join the trending topic, go ahead and share this post.





Whether you share a post, or create your own post, be sure to include the full wording of the trending topic. You can do things like agree or disagree with the popular opinions surrounding the topic, add humor to the topic, include other relating (like the shared post), or ask questions of your fans and followers to engage in a discussion about the topic.


  1. Create Content Around a Trending Topic That Relates To Your Business


In this example, we will use the Health and Wellness industry. Within Trending Topics, you are able to choose which type you want to see. I chose the Sports trending topics.




One of today’s trending topics is Miguel Cabrera hitting his 300th home run. How can you logicially include this topic in your content? Try writing a blog post with the topic “How To Build Arm Strength and Bat Like Miguel Cabrera”.

You can easily include your niche content by providing workout and/or nutritional information building strength. And, you can post your article on social media using the trending topics of the day and increase your chance of being ranked higher in the Facebook Feed.


  1. Use Hashtags


In the first example, you can see that a hashtag was trending today #BurningMan2016.

Do some research on your topic and see how it could relate to your personal or industry niche industry.

If it works for you, create an engaging post around it!




  1. Create a Live Video or Upload a Native Video


If there has been anything we have been teaching at IMU this year is that VIDEO has taken social media by storm. If there is anything you should be doing every day on Facebook, it is video!

Check Facebook Trending Topics for the day. Go Live! From your Facebook app. If the topic is related to your industry, or relates to your personal interests and is follower-friendly (not too polarizing), then talk about it!

Be sure to include the exact topic wording in your video description to become part of the trending topic.

While we are on the topic “Taylor Swift” (because it is so fun!); check out popular gossip blogger Perez Hilton jumping on trending topics:





So how can posting Facebook Trending Topics work for you?


What this does in invites engagement. Engagement comes in the form of Likes, Comments, or Shares. When Facebook sees interaction on your posts, the algorithm will begin to rank your post higher. This allows your post to be shown to more people, and will possibly draw in new fans.


A word to the wise: Do not abuse this practice. Remember to stay relevant with your posts. If a trending topic has little to do with your industry, and you can’t find a good personal way to incorportate it into your social media strategy, then don’t do it.


For example, if there is a polarizing political topic trending, and you comment on it in your children’s mittens business, it may not be a popular post. If you continue to create irrelevant posts, Facebook will notice and decrease your reach. Another tip: Promote Trending Topics on time. Be sure to strike when the topic itself is viral and get in on the mix. Perfect timing means that your post will feed into the excitement.


Have you checked Facebook Trending Topics today? What are some ways you could promote in your business?


Comment below!


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