Why an Email List is So Important to You

Many of you have just started your business online. It’s tough to make sense of all the noise out there. While many of these tips may be valid, the question remains, how do you know which one you should start with? You have joined countless Facebook “mastermind” groups, listened to podcasts, and heard so many “tips & tricks” on a daily basis that your head is spinning. When searching for answers on how to make money online, one of these tips you may have come across is the importance of building an email list.

We are all told in the beginning of our search for the golden ticket, that we should have an email list….and then, nothing much after that.

However, some of you may not even have the faintest idea of how to start one, or what to do once you do muddle through the tech to set it up! Most of all, you can’t make sense of why this even applies to you at all.

Here at Intentional Marketer, we’ve been able to #ditchthedaycare partly because of our email list! All of our clients have been members of our email list, and some of our clients received our emails for up to a year before they reached out to us to work together!

So let’s go over the reasons you should start working on an email list, today:


  1. It’s All About Control

In the words of Janet Jackson, “Cause it’s all about control (control) And I’ve got lots of it)”

You may think to yourself, “I use Facebook, I have a lot of friends and fans, and this is where I get most of my business”. While this may be true, you can get MORE business if you have an email list. Social media is absolutely imperative to growing a profitable business online.

However, there is one big thing wrong with Facebook: (or Instagram, Twitter, etc)

You have zero control.

So what does this mean? It means you are not Mark Zuckerberg, and he could easily really change everything for you. Facebook could shut down, or more likely revise their policies and find something wrong with your account.

All the hours, days, weeks, YEARS, you’ve spent growing your profile could be gone. Facebook has already done it; in fact, they do it all the time with their ads platform!

An average of 2-4% of your Facebook audience sees any given post you create.

Outside of your email being bounced for some reason, almost 100% of your emails make it to an inbox.

And thankfully, you have all the control with your email list.

why an email list is important to you


  1. Email Subscribers Buy Products

OK, so you’ve surely heard this one when being told you need a list. But, the point is, it’s true. The statistics prove it.

Email is at least 4 times more effective in reaching your audience than Facebook

  • Email 20% open rate
  • Facebook 5% talking about this
  • 20,000 fans 1,000 > talking about this
  • 5,000 emails 1,000 opened and 300 to 400 clicks to your site

In 2016 every dollar spent on email is projected to bring in $35.02 –US Direct Marketing Association

When you use email, although it might not seem like it, judging from the number of emails you receive per day, there are less competing messages and updates in the feed. Believe it or not, there are many less emails in your inbox than an average day of status updates and tweets.

Additionally, when someone gives you their email address, they have given you permission to talk directly to them. People hate getting spam! If they manually opt-in to something you have offered, then they truly do want to hear from you.

People are a lot less picky with who they follow and allow to follow them on Facebook and other social media.


  1. What to Do When You Do Have a List

OK, yay. So we’ve convinced you that you should start an email list.

So now what?

You can use your list for many things, the most obvious being to sell your products. However, there are other ways you can provide value to your list:


  • Exclusive content – How-to, Videos, Invitations
  • Pre-sale information with exclusive coupons or discounts
  • New blog post alerts
  • Sneak peeks
  • Feedback opportunities

Most importantly, make sure your audience doesn’t feel like all you want is their money. Be sure to bring value and usefulness to their lives! You can do this by offering advice, a new recipe or workout, or freebie just for fun.

They will love you for it, and the next time they have a need for your product, you’ll be the first person they think of!

I hope this post has been helpful to you in understanding why you should start your email list! Check out our complete guide to get started today.

why an email list is important to you

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