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Happy New Year all you AMAZING IMU Biz Nationers… (Ok, we might have just made that word up, but it works for us)!!

After working with business owners just like you for the past couple years, we realize and appreciate that starting email marketing in your business is not as easy as all the ‘guru’s’ and ‘online experts’ out there would have you believe.
You may feel that you don’t need a list. Many people feel that way. You may prefer (or feel you are reaching who you need to be) on social media. You may think that people hate getting emails. You may feel that you are doing well enough without a list, and that you are too busy running your business for a list.
We get it!
We are also here to break it to you that having an email list should be an integral part of running your business online. It’s one of the best ways to connect with your customers and learn who they are and what they are looking for. And, in times of economic uncertainity, you can always turn to your list to drum up sales rather than scramble for new customers. In addition, as much as we LOVE social media as much as the next guy(!); the fact remains that you do not really “own” your social media fans and followers…you are always subject to the rules and regulations of the social media channel you are using. For example, Facebook changes their rules all the time. What if they found you in violation one day and your Page was deleted?
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Your email list on the other hand, is yours; and no one can ever take it away from you. You can email your list whenever you want! And it’s true that people hate receiving SPAM email, or constant promotional emails. If you have taken time to understand the needs and wants of your list, and provide them valuable information around those things, they will rush to open your emails!
Email marketing can be puzzling, unclear, and overwhelming when first getting started. Because, quite frankly, when we first started our businesses (many moons ago) we too were freaked out by what we knew we had to do, but honestly didn’t want to do it!
And that might be how you are feeling right now too. The learning curve is looking a little steep and intimidating. Well, have no fear! This IMU Email Marketing Explosion Tutorial includes technical screenshots and step by step, hold your hand instructions.
We want you to walk away from this IMU Email Marketing Tutorial with a full understanding of how you can implement email marketing into your business starting today. So let’s get started, shall we?


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Begin Here: IMU recommends MailChimp for Email Marketing Beginners
• Mailchimp is an easy email system. Mailchimp’s features make it great for beginners and intermediate users.
• Mailchimp is FREE for up to 2,000 subscribers.
• Mailchimp integrates with lots and lots of other applications, like your WordPress blog.

A “List” is the place where all your eager and potential customers get their email addresses held inside of MailChimp. You have the option to create multiple different lists for different types of customers. For example, you may want a list for your VIP customers who get coupons and discounts, and another list for brand new subscribers that just need more information.
To get started: You need to create a list to start receiving email addresses.
First navigate up to “Lists” at the top. Then click “Create List.”

Next, fill in the details for your list.

NOTE: You will NOT be able to use a free email account from Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail.
As a savvy business owner, we suggest you purchase a professional email that matches your business name. This is super inexpensive (about $5 a month) and makes ALL the difference in the world. Having a professional email is what sets your business apart from your competitors.
If you so choose, Gmail offers professional email services.

Right now, you may be thinking…. “Wait! Email Marketing is going to cost me money to run my business?! Forget this!!”
We strongly recommend you think twice.
Your email newsletter is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. We understand, it is SUPER hard to pay money to run a business before it starts making money. Trust us, without email marketing, you will never have a sustainable business! It is WORTH it.

Create Your First List Form

• Create a subscription form where people can sign up for more information

After you “save” your list, you’ll be taken to your list’s dashboard.
For this step, we’ll be designing your sign-up form.
From Step 1 above, you have already created a list, now all you need to do is click “Lists”.
Click on the name of the list you want to edit, which will also take you to your list’s dashboard.
Now, click “Sign Up Forms” and then “General Forms.”
Double check that the first form you create says “Signup Form” in the drop down menu.
We will talk about how to send the subscriber your lead magnet (or freebie) in the next steps.
For now, you are just working on the subscription form. See image below for what your screen should look like.

Next Step:
Start customizing your subscription form.
Start playing around with the options to change colors, fonts, and images.
You can DELETE any form fields that you choose. We recommend that you keep the subscription form as simple as possible. This includes getting rid of the last name field. There are very few reasons why you need a subscribers last name for your email marketing. Plus, people like to keep a bit on anonymity while they are still getting to know you.

As you click on the “Design It” button, you will customize your form’s look and design.
Spend as much (or little) time customizing your form by playing around with colors, images, and fonts.
As you continue to work on your business, this will get easier and easier!
You can also create a personally branded header image to go at the top. We recommend as the easiest option to get started.
Last Step:
Grab the URL for your signup form. This is the URL link you will use on social media, your blog, etc.
This is how you share your link and get people to sign up for your newsletter (or other offer), this is THE way that you start your email marketing campaign!

Keep going, you got this! Now it’s time to send your new subscribers their “Lead Magnet” or “Value”.


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Send your Lead Magnet to Brand-New Subscribers (in the Final Welcome Email)

An email list only works if you are going to be giving the lead something in return. This is often called a ‘lead magnet’ or ‘value’.
Some of the most common lead magnets are guides, e-books, video series, discounts, or coupons.
Keep in mind that most of these lead magnets are very popular right now and your would-be subscribers have ‘been there, done that’.
Your job as business owner is to be inventive, offer a lead magnet that your customers REALLY want, something they have not received before.
Next Step:
Now that your lead magnet is created, simply design your Final Welcome Email form so the value you promised the subscribers is automatically sent out when someone subscribes.
• Inside of MailChimp, go back to the “Signup Forms” section of the list you created in Step 1.
• Double check that your List is the same name of the list you’d like to send your lead magnet to.
• Click “Signup Form.”
• Choose “General Forms”.
• Click “Final ‘Welcome’ Email”
• Double check that the box labeled “Send a final welcome email” button is checked.
When you design the Final Welcome Email form, write a short note up top letting the new subscriber know that this email is delivering their value and where to click.

Tailor the look of this final welcome email to fit your personal brand and don’t forget your lead magnet link!
Your final welcome email is where you deliver the value you promised, AND also your only chance to start the process of relationship building. Make your wording warm and inviting, maybe give them an invite to your Facebook Page!
You can also add images and link them to various other places, the possibilities are truly endless!

Last Step You Amazing Business Owner! Finish Strong!

Send Your First Marketing Newsletter (these are called ‘Campaigns’)

• First step is to choose “Campaigns” at the top of your MailChimp page.
• Click the “Create Campaigns”
• You will see several different options, but we suggest (for your first couple of times) choosing “Regular Campaign”
• Select which list to send it to
• Click “Next” at the bottom.

This is the part where you will name your campaign.
Include an interesting subject line (this is SUPER important!)
Consider doing your own research on subject matter and what will get better open rates or Join the IMU Beginner Email Marketing Package where we go into this in detail.
You will see different settings, and you can avoid those for the most part right now. Just focus on the top two tasks right now (naming your campaign and choosing a subject)
Time to start designing your newsletter!
Choose a template that best suits the vision for your newsletter.
Select a template that works best for what you want to accomplish. For example, if you have a creative business and want to share links to your Etsy or Shopify products, you will look for a template that gives you the option of small pictures and product descriptions.

After selecting a template, start customizing it.
Again, we will cover email marketing graphic design with the IMU Beginner Email Marketing Package. Have a look, see what you will learn, and decide if it is for you!
You will notice that your template can be boosted with a ton of different drag and drop features on the right-hand side. If you see a button or image, etc. that you would like to add to your newsletter, simply drop it in!
Next Step
Click the “Design” tab.
Play around with the colors, images, fonts, and sized you want in your newsletter. Remember, nothing is set in stone.
Have some fun creating your newsletter, and change up what doesn’t work! Always keep your personal brand in the forefront of your design choices. You want your customers to recognize your brand across all online platforms.
So, if you use one set of colors on Facebook or Pinterest, make sure to keep that color theme going in your newsletters. Same goes for your personally branded images and logos.


Finishing Steps!

When you are satisfied with your first template, click “Save as Template” (up top).
Saving your template keeps it handy so you do not need to re-create it every time you send out a campaign (a new marketing message to your list).
Each time you send out a new marketing campaign, change up your newsletter to reflect any messages that are seasonally (or weekly!) important.
This can include new product launches, coupons, industry news, helpful checklists, videos, or anything that your audience will LOVE.
As you finish your weekly newsletters, look them over for typos and click “Next”.
When you are ready, simply hit SEND and everyone in that list will receive the newsletter in their inbox.
MailChimp also allows you to schedule your emails to go out at a future date. This is especially helpful if your work schedule allows you to create the newsletter on a Monday but want to send it out on a Friday.
Congratulations! You’ve set up your first lead offer with follow up Welcome email! You can now start communicating and building a relationship with your list!


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Intentional Marketer University (IMU) is a professional home business online marketing institution where home business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers get help on subjects such as: Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, and Leads to Sales Conversions.

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