An Effective Way to Increase Your Revenue

The past few weeks we have been talking about the importance of your list and email marketing. We have stressed that in order for you to have a successful business online you need to have 3 crucial components: your website, your blog, and your LIST.
Sure, social media is important. REALLY important. Where could you go to engage with a huge sea of possible customers….to share stories, jokes, antidotes, ENGAGING?
Here’s the thing;
Think of Facebook or Instagram as a party. You’re making your rounds through the room, chit-chatting, saying hello and laughing at jokes. Then, that cutie in the corner gives you their number. That number in our story is the email address. And, the first email you send is your first coffee date. A coffee date where it’s (semi) quiet, and you can talk and get to know each other better, on neutral turf. And after a few dates, months or years, you are ready to get married! And in our story, getting married means making the sale!
Can you imagine the cutie asking you to get married at the party the night you met? Of course not!
If you aren’t quite sure email marketing is for you, don’t just take our word for it…..check out these articles by the original gurus of online marketing:
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