3 Simple but Crucial Elements of a Fruitful Email Marketing Program


Choosing to send emails to your prospective customers is a great choice for business owners.

For every $1 dollar you invest in email marketing, you will see a $38 dollar return.

Far surpassing social media, in terms of engagement, email is also the preferred method of business to consumer communication.

Thinking about social media, there are 1.3 billion Facebook users, pretty impressive right?!

Well, there are over 3.5 billion people with an email account!

If you want to share your products and get the customers undivided attention, email is the way to go!

If you have been on the fence about getting your email marketing started, we have a course for that.


Now, let’s look at the 3 simple but crucial elements to a fruitful email marketing program.

Element 1

 Craft a Giveaway

Sit down and think about a killer giveaway that you would quickly give YOUR email address for. If you like it, chances are very high that your audience will like it too.

It’s not cliché to think in terms of a week long video series, or a fun e-book. You want to think up an idea that will keep you and your products on the top of the customer’s mind for several days. This is how you create trust with the prospective customer.

The more valuable your giveaway is for your potential customer the better.


Here are a couple best practices you need to keep in mind that will keep your products on the top of a customer’s mind.

Keep in mind that because you are giving your customers something for free (ebook, video series, recipes, how to’s etc.) they have a low commitment threshold.

Your best practice is to make the giveaway directly related to your products, this way they will not be surprised when you start talking to them about your products for sale later on.

Keeping your giveaway focused around your products decreases the number of entrants who are freebie seekers. People who only want something for free without ever intending to buy.

Focus on your business as the brand – after all, the whole purpose of the giveaway to get your leads to know, like, and trust you.

You can go about this in a variety of ways, but the bottom line is that they see you as the brand, and want what you are offering.
Consider multiple prizes over multiple days (for multiple winners).
Coincide your giveaway with a season, holiday or special event. Tap into what people are thinking about.


 Element 2

 Understand Your Purpose for Email Marketing

Before you jump right in and start creating giveaways, it is crucial to know why your business needs email marketing.

When you know your end goal (to convert online audience members to customers) this determine who you target with your giveaways, the types of emails you send, and the frequency of those emails.

Here are some examples of the way different business use email:

  • A fitness guru uses emails is to generate sign ups on their streaming fitness app.
  • A creative Etsy designer makes money by selling large volumes of wedding designs. The goal for her email list is driving sales.
  • A local hair salon wants to build trust with new clients. Their goal is to generate email leads from new clients who need a fresh haircut.
  • A family photographer wants to make her clients feel beautiful, special, and unique. She sends out emails that invite her customers into this experience.
  • A writer wants to build his audience before a big book launch. Emails help build the loyal following months in advance.
  • Volunteer organizations use email is to raise awareness and garner more help.

So, what is your purpose for starting email marketing? When you figure out why you are gathering leads and sending out emails, you have won most of the battle.

Since your new email leads receive hundreds of emails a day, the next element, setting your content apart, is crucial. Let’s take a look at that now.

If you have been on the fence about getting your email marketing started, we have a course for that.



Element 3

Develop a Content Strategy and Consistency Schedule

You’re building up a list of subscribers. Great!

Now it’s time to write them on a consistent basis. This can be 1x a week, 2x a month, or a monthly newsletter.

But whatever you decide today, you must stick with. Consider it a binding agreement with the success of your business. This is the only way you’ll turn your subscribers into loyal customers who eagerly anticipate your emails.

Content can be a confusing word for business owners who have never used email for marketing purposes. Think of content as the conversation. What will potential customers want to hear about on a consistent basis?

Remember if they signed up for your giveaway knowing what your products are, chances are good that they will want to ‘talk’ to you more about this subject!

If it is still a little confusing, here are the same business examples and what kind of content they could send:

  • The fitness guru uses email to let customers know about new streaming features, membership offers, and discounts.
  • The creative Etsy designer shares tips on how she makes the designs one of a kind for your wedding. By doing so, she sets herself apart from big box retailers.
  • The local hair salon shares stories about customers who have received compliments on their new cut or color. They also use the email newsletter to inform customers of recent training’s attended.
  • The family photographer could share a series of tips on how to get your family ready for the big picture day. She might divulge secret local spots to get the best picture, and tips for what to wear.
  • Volunteer organizations could share stories of people it’s helped, with requests for more volunteers.

Take some time right now to conduct research. Start by looking for giveaways that would get your attention. Sign up for them and watch the type of content they send in their emails. This will help you get ideas for what content feels right to you.

If you have been on the fence about getting your email marketing started, we have a course for that.


Be Consistent and Keep a Schedule

You’ve decided the content you’re going to send. Now how often will you send out emails?

The answer depends on your comfort level, your options as noted above are daily, weekly, or monthly.

Daily emails work well for industries that are changing daily, so if this is not your business you will probably not choose this. Daily emails have the tendency to give subscribers a feeling of overwhelm and have larger unsubscribe rates.
A sweet spot is weekly emails. Choosing to send an email 1x a week gives you familiarity with your subscribers. Weekly emails are also easy to schedule into your routine. Choose a day that your email will go out and do not deviate.

Pretty soon your customers will get used to seeing you every Monday or Friday, the choice is yours. The bottom line is that you are creating expectancy. When people like to hear from you, they like to buy from you!

If you choose monthly emails make your content extremely valuable—like a mega 90% off sale, or free products.

If your goal is to push a large sales event and make the bulk of your money 1x a month, then monthly emails are the method for you. Plus, when your content is that spectacular you will create a ‘feeding frenzy’ with your subscribers (picture old school black Friday’s here)….

However, monthly emails can get easily lost in your reader’s mind. If they don’t remember the value of hearing from you, they will quickly unsubscribe.


Follow these best practices created by Salesforce to start your first fruitful campaign:

Click To Enlarge

Email Marketing Best Practices: How to Create a Campaign from Scratch Infographic

Via Salesforce


Email marketing is the easiest return on your investment. Most email marketing programs let you sign up for FREE!

If you have been on the fence about getting your email marketing started, we have a course for that.

If you are ready now, then go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

We can’t wait to see your giveaway and hear from you in our email in box soon!



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