Live Streaming for Business

Video where it’s at. Period. Since that is the case, then you NEED to continue reading, because what you see the gross majority of people doing on social media are doing it the completely wrong way. LEADING IN THE HOME BUSINESS INDUSTRY: Live Streaming For Business Mini-Course How to Leverage Live Streaming to Sell Your Products/ Services By Being the “Hunted” Instead of the Hunter”! “There must be a way that home business owners are ACTUALLY making sales using

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YouTube: Leveraging Video To Promote Your Business

Everything you should know about promoting your business using the power of video. Is your business using video as part of its content marketing strategy? If not, you NEED TO BE NOW! While blogs, social media interaction, and infographics offer customers a look into your brand, video is easier to digest than those types, and video also engages more senses by nature. Using video eliminates the “stranger danger” factor when purchasing online, and humanizes your brand. Watching and listening

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How to Use Webinars to Sell Your Products & Services

Congratulations! You are one step closer to earning more money than ever before because you have started to use webinars. In this Intentional Marketer University lecture you will learn: How to Use Google+ Hangout’s on Air to Build Your Business Sponsor Quality Reps onto Your Team Increase Product Sales, and Increase Your Income Let’s get started!  

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Content Management and Copywriting

Copywriting, (not sure what that is?) It is any and all writing you do to explain your products and services. Copywriting is what determines your success in today’s online world. Copywriting pulls every piece of the puzzle together. Good copy gives your products meaning, it makes your blogging, social media posts and descriptions have substance. Bottom line… good copywriting turns your audience into customers, your leads into sales.  

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Mindset Training

Everything You Should Know To Get Into The Entrepreneurial Mindset An entrepreneur doesn’t need an MBA to be successful but there is a certain mindset an entrepreneur must cultivate to grow, understand and lead their business. Business leaders who attain this mindset are the ones who ultimately succeed. Do you have the entrepreneural mindset you need to be successful in your business?

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