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6 Ways You Can Use Your Camera to Become Irresistible to Customers

6 Ways You Can Use Your Camera to Become Irresistible to Customers


The definition of video marketing is not a difficult concept. Quite simply, it means using video to promote you, your product or your services.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, by 2017 video marketing will account for 69% of all consumer traffic, and landing pages with videos lead to 800% more conversion. By responding to the demand for videos, marketers are accepting the potential buyers shorter attention span by making their content more visual and interactive, and boy,  is it paying off!

Video, and especially live video is DOMINATING your audience’s activity. 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% watch videos online EVERY DAY.

What does this mean?

You need to add video to your strategy NOW. Be sure to read to the end of this post where we will highlight 6 ways to use video for your business.


If the compelling statistics above do not convince you that video is a good idea for your business then maybe these benefits listed below will.

Video is effective. PERIOD. There are studies that show that rates for information that is both seen and heard is retained up to 80%. The numbers drop to 20% for information that is only seen and down to just 10% for information that is heard. Source

Video has the human connection. You are able to connect with people on a much more personal level with video. Using video you are able to put a face with the facts. This also builds trust and establishes a personal connection. Make your video more effective by adding music!

Video boosts your SEO. Have you heard of search engine optimization? Yes! It still exists. But headers and keywords are not all you need to worry about anymore. Now, you can use video to increase your search ranking. YouTube is owned by Google! This means a properly optimized video can boost your results higher.

Also, when your videos are clicked, the google search machine kicks in and boosts your video higher. This goes for Facebook too! The more views you build up, the more you will reach more people.

Video boosts conversions. A conversion basically means one of your leads purchased from you. A recent study found that 57% of online consumers were more likely to buy a product they were considering by watching a video explaining more about the product.

Video simply must be included in your marketing strategy if you want to be more successful, and here are 127 more reasons why!

In addition to the benefits described above,  video is unique in that you are able to SOLVE PROBLEMS live on camera. People do not buy products, they buy solutions. What problem does your product solve? Do you help people lose weight? Solve it live on video with a 10-minute fat blasting workout. Do you help people be more fashionable and on trend? Solve it on video by pairing your jewelry with the appropriate shirt or blouse.

Even the most simple videos can become super viral and sharable when you have the right subject. When you tap into your viewer’s emotions, amazing things can happen. Videos can also show your viewers that you understand their problem, and therefore know exactly how to solve them.

Real Businesses KILLIN’ It Using Video

If you’ve read this far, you know video is where it’s at. Users are spending more time watching video that reading blog content. Our world is becoming increasingly more fast paced and grabbing people’s attention can be a challenge!

For business owners, video presents a huge opportunity! You can simply pick up your smart phone and jump on Facebook Live and share a quick tip, a behind the scenes look, anything to give your brand a name and a face. For small business owners, this is key because right now you probably don’t have the trust of a big brand competitor in your industry.

Here are a few people doing awesome using video:

  1. The Betty Rocker

The Betty Rocker, aka Bree Argetsinger, or “punk rock Betty Crocker” is a health coach and fitness motivator. She helps people all over the world helping them transforming their body. She has a fitness show on YouTube, but also uses Facebook Live like a boss:


  1. Dollar Shave Club

A YouTube success story. Dollar Shave Club makes and delivers razors and other grooming supplies right to your door for as low as $1 a month. Their funny, off the cuff, sarcastic videos just scream at you to buy, just to get in on this cool club.

Dive into their Facebook page and you will see a full content strategy, including blog posts about showering, shaving, and even bathrooms, and you actually want to read them. Also, if you check out their number of views, you’ll see they are doing something right to become an overnight success in sending out razors for a $1 a month:

  1. Tasty

You can’t talk about successful use of video without including one of the most viral food and recipe pages out there. I LOVE Tasty and watching the videos! And I’m pretty sure half the country does too. Run by Buzzfeed, the people behind Tasty certainly know what they are doing.  Basically, Tasty is full of videos of food that will make you want to try their recipes.

However, creating videos like this can easily be done by any small business owner or blogger. The best part, these types of videos have a HUGE potential to go viral.


How to Create Your Video

There are two types of video you can use for your business. You can pre-record your video and upload it to YouTube, and you go can “go live” using Facebook Live or Periscope by Twitter. Below we will go over the easiest way to jump on video, which is Facebook Live.

Are you still wondering why you should be using Facebook Live Video for your business?

Live streaming is all about connecting further with your audience. When marketing online, building the know, like and trust factor is huge, and is a must. It’s all about interacting with them in real time.

Facebook Live allows you to share video in real-time with your profile, business page followers, or Facebook groups.

Your videos get displayed right in your viewers Facebook news feeds, along with everything else they follow!

Although you aren’t able to see or hear people that jump on your live video, your audience can type messages to you in real time so you can answer comments and questions!

Using video allows you as a business and/or brand build authentic, intimate relationships with your fans and followers.

What makes Facebook Live different from other stream apps is;

  • As the video is shooting, you can see how many people are watching the video as well as their names and comments.
  • Your video will be saved to your timeline when it is over.
  • You can share, tweet, embed, or delete your live video after the fact.

Grab this Free Guide for Facebook Live tricks and tips!

Let’s get started. Grab your mobile device and open Facebook.

Step 1:

Go to your Facebook profile, business page, or group and start by clicking “What’s on your mind?” or “Say Something” as if you’re going to write a new post. Note: In the personal profile, you can simply click “go live” and you’ll skip to the good stuff.

Step 2:

If you are in your business page or group, you will click the “Live” icon to move to the next step.

Step 3:

If necessary, give Facebook access to your camera when you are prompted.

Step 4:

Choose your privacy setting. If you’re doing this for your business, you will probably want to choose public. If you’re in your personal Facebook profile, you might want to keep it to your friends.

Step 5:

Write a great description! Think of what you could say to grab the viewers attention. As with blog post titles, you need a reason to click. Type in your description here.

Step 6:

Before you go live, make sure your camera is pointing in the right direction! The set up screen will show you what your viewer’s will see.

Step 7:

Click “Go Live” and you’re on, baby! Be sure to interact with comments as they scroll through. You can answer them live while you’re speaking or go back and respond to them after the fact.

To block viewers, click on the profile picture of the comment, and click “Block”. Some people just don’t deserve to be watching your stellar content!


Click Finish to end the broadcast. When you’re ready, you’ll have the chance to “Post” it. Go ahead and post if you’re happy with your video!

Check out these statistics from our friends at

127 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Video Marketing

6 Ways to Use Video to Promote Your Business

  1. Address comments from your blog or Facebook page.

Use your live (or recorded) videos to discuss something your audience is interested in. If you have received a lot of the same questions or comments on your blog or Facebook page or Twitter…anywhere for that matter; jump on live and address them. This way you can jump on and answer multiple questions at a time.

  1. Customer testimonials or reviews

Interviewing a happy customer on video is good for any business. With Facebook Live you can use a 3rd party tool like BlueJeans onSocial to host multi-party, interactive video over Facebook Live.

An easier, and free way to do this if you are OK with uploading a pre-recorded video is to sign up for a free Zoom account. You can record your online meeting with your happy customer and upload the video file to Facebook, YouTube or wherever!

Using video in this way can provide social proof for your product or service. According to WebDam, customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%.

  1. Behind-the-Scenes Look

Give your viewers a look at your business and how you work!

Some of your viewers may be interested in doing what you are doing. By giving a sneak peek into your work, you are able to share your process and what works for you. This in turn educates your video viewers and builds trust.

  1. How-to videos

How-to videos are a classic way to support and attract new customers.

One of the most powerful ways you can use for video marketing is to educate your audience. For example, you can teach your audience how to use your product or how to make the most of it. Sell a protein powder? Show them how to make tasty shakes using regular kitchen ingredients!

The options are endless.

  1. Answer FAQs

Good customer service goes a long way. As you mature in your business, you will likely see a lot of the same questions come your way. Jump on video with a list of your top 5 and answer them live.

In addition to servicing your customers real time, you’ll have a video that you can share out to both your team and to new customers when they have the same question.

  1. Promote a Live Event

Are you hosting a workshop or class for your business? Using live video can be a great way to let your fans know you have something special coming up.

You can first create a post saying “special announcement” coming “today at 3pm”. Then, share the details about your event at that time!


Hopefully after reading this article, you are convinced that maybe you could give video a try. Nothing will build trust in you, your product or service, and business faster than real-time, in person interaction.

Now, over to you!

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