Cracking the Content Creation Code: 5 Tools to Do More In Less Time


Cracking the Content Creation Code: 5 Tools to Do More In Less Time

Improve Your Content: Do More In Less Time. 

At Intentional Marketer University, we know the secret to success is to create a significant amount of content every week.
When you make the commitment to create valuable, highly useful content each and every week you are making the commitment to your business.

The alternative to this is that you ignore content curation or worse yet, create poor content and your business suffers in the end. Source: Kissmetrics


We believe, in order to dominate your company, industry, etc. you must be creating significant amounts of highly valuable content.
If you do not, it is simply too easy to be swallowed up by the fast moving world around you.
What is the main point we are trying to drive home here?


You have to be putting your business out into the world. Simply posting pictures is no longer sufficient. In order to break through the ‘noise’, you must be significant and valuable.
But in order to create a high volume of valuable content you must learn how to be resourceful and efficient.


This post is going to show you some of our favorite efficiency tools.
We know they will help you create better content, in less time.
Pair these in conjunction with dozens of home business resources we have available here:


…And you will be a force to be reckoned with.


Choosing the right efficiency tools for your business means that you can create more content without ever sacrificing the quality.
The most common problems of home business marketers is that they struggle with producing enough content.







These statistics do not lie! Given the overwhelming task of staying on top of content creation, it is reported that over 50% of home business entrepreneurs to use content creation tools for workflow and productivity.

So let’s dive into the great content creation tools, that are available to everyone. Now you will simply know where they are located. Use them to eliminate your content issues.

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Great Headlines “Open the Door”

Tools for a Great Headline

The headline for your posts, emails, videos, etc. is less than 1% of your actual content, yet without a good headline, you will never even get the chance to get in the ‘front door’ of your audiences world.


We have written and taught a lot about this topic. For example, most headlines on social media profiles are not even considered, what this means is the home business owner is spending time on content which will never get viewed.


Learning how to write your headlines will set you leagues apart from other online marketers. 8 out of 10 people will judge your content (sight unseen) based on your headline. Out of those 8, 2 will actually read your article. Shocking right?


Your only goal should be to capture the audience attention with your headline, remember, you are competing with thousands of other pieces of content.
When you have a great headline, you will pull in 5x more traffic then with a headline you gave no thought to. Source: CopyBlogger


Now, let’s do the math. Add a great headline to every piece of content you create, how much additional traffic will that be generating to your sales funnel?
Over time, your content with the great headlines are absolutely going to leave everyone else behind. Talk about becoming sticky.


Is it starting to hit home now the importance of your headline? Good! Let’s look at the IMU top picks for writing a better headline.




1. ContentIdeator Headline Generator

What a brilliant little tool… Why would you ever have to be struggling to think of an idea again?!
1. First step… have you learned all you can about how to use keywords? If not, check out this first

Finished that step? Great now, let’s move on.


Pull out a piece of paper and write down 7 keyword specific to your niche industry. Place them in to ContentIdeator.
2. Press submit.
3. Give it a second to retrieve results, and scroll down to see a ton of headline ideas.



At IMU we have worked with dozens of headline generators. After much trial, tribulation, and research, our preference is ContentIdeator. Why? Because the titles it gives are truly relevant.
The titles that are given are SEO (Search Engine Optimized) related rather than randomly generated. What does this mean for you? It means that another crucial piece of your content creation (SEO) is already done for you. First time hearing about SEO? No worries, check out the IMU course on it here.



Do not copy your results ‘verbatim’.
You will see solid headlines in most of the results that are given. Keep in mind that if your keyword is highly common, you may have 1 or 2 other savvy marketers who are using it as well. Use these headlines as a starting point and for inspiration. Try using not so common keywords. Above all, tweak them to make them your own.



2. Advanced Marketing Institute: Emotional Headline Analyzer

We know that emotions are what cause people to make purchases. So maybe now you are wondering just how hearty your headline is on the emotional scale? Perfect, you should be.
Researching, analyzing, and modifying are a home business owner’s best friend. The AMI Emotional Headline Analyzer tool is exactly what you need to do just that.
Here is the best way to use our 2 tools together.




1. Go to and type in your keyword.

2. Now head over to our Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer.
3. Paste in one of the headlines you chose from your ContentIdeator results.
4. Pick a category from the drop down menu.
5. Submit.


Once you submit your headline, a new page will load with your EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) Score




Your EMV score is expressed as a percentage. Our example here gets a paltry 10%. You will be always shooting for 30% 0 40% as a novice, then 50%-70% as you hone your expert skills.
Your score will generally be lower at first because you are scored on the number of “EMV words” the headline contains. EMV words are related to emotion.

The ideal time to use this tool:
Your score tells you how likely your headline is to produce an emotional response. Why do we want emotion?
Because customers BUY based on an emotional state.


At Intentional Marketer University, all of our courses focus on how to relate to people on an emotional level. Learn how to think like your customer and you will see more purchases from your customer.

Bottom line, buying decisions are made from emotions.
Emotional headlines are most important for landing pages, sales pages, case studies, and reviews—any type of content that leads to a sale.


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Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition! Move Towards 1,000 Customers

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Here is what Google has to say about content in its quality guidelines

• Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.
• Don’t deceive your users.
• Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings. A good rule of thumb is whether you’d feel comfortable explaining what you’ve done to a website that competes with you, or to a Google employee. Another useful test is to ask, “Does this help my users?Would I do this if search engines didn’t exist?”
• Think about what makes your website unique, valuable, or engaging. Make your website stand out from others in your field.

The quality of your business, in your consumer’s eyes, and equally as important, in Google’s eyes, has always rewarded great content through higher rankings using advanced algorithms. As a writer and marketer it is imperative to align your content quality aspirations with Google’s quality content guidelines.

Keeping this in mind, what tools does IMU recommend to keep you content quality guidelines in check? Glad you asked…



3. Hemingway Editor

Now that we are getting the feel for making our content as amazing as it can be, we need to utilize a solid content editing tool. The Hemingway tool will flawlessly show you weak aspects of your writing.




1. Hemingway Editor will identify weak areas, classify them into useful categories and teach you how to fix them. Amazing huh?


TIP: Pay close attention to the readability score in the next few pictures.
2. For the purposes of this post, we have pasted a small section from the beginning of this post into the Hemingway Editor tool.
3. It gets automatically graded and highlighted:





4. The readability score is at a grade 6 level. This is fairly high for web writing. In general, write as simply as possible to get the longest retention rate possible. The goal is to get lower numbers rather than higher numbers.
5. Then each section is broken down into categories. You can see that we have a paragraph listed at ‘very hard to read’. This is one that we need to go back in and rewrite to make the readability improve.
6. Inside of this tool you can make your changes on the page. When those grammatical errors are fixed the  readability level changes:





Now it’s at grade 5 level—not as low as we would like, but better.
What is the takeaway?

Using a content editor tools like Hemingway Editor will allow you to identify and fix mistakes in your writing. Making your message as concise as possible means your readability goes up. When your readability increases, so do your search engine rankings; a win / win all around right?


Tools for Great Content Research




Could that statistic possibly be right?! 49% of B2B Marketers DO NOT have a content strategy?
…Oh, yes, it is true and it is scary…

The longer we teach marketers about content creation, the more strongly we feel about data-driven posts.
Did you know that your audience appreciates facts and numbers? It gives them a reason to trust you, and you come out looking like the well-researched expert that you are.



In today’s business game (no matter what industry) there are millions of customers who love to make excuses to not buy your product. And most of them are really good at the excuse game!
However, when you support your content with cold hard facts and statistics, you will easily flush out the excuse makers as people who simply do not want to buy your products. You move on saving yourself time, energy, and attachment.
Let’s break down the list of IMU tools that we rely on to create trustworthy and comprehensive content.



4. Google it. Yep, Google.


We have learned about Google for organic traffic, SEO, Google Plus, and YouTube (owned by Google).
Need a refresher course? Grab it here


Google is also one of the best research tools to use. Period.
We will show you two methods to using Google as your research tool, but keep in mind, there are literally hundreds of ways to use it.

Method #1 

Search for figures, numbers, and data: A statistic driven post is exactly what it sounds like. It is based on statistics.
Use Google to find large collections of relevant statistics, for whatever your post is about.


1. Search: keyword + statistics

Let’s say I’m writing about home hats. This is what the Google search bar would look like:






Choose well known keywords and you will see a myriad of results that produce good-quality statistics. Make sure to visit pages 2 and further. Some really useful statistics can be hidden on pages further away from the promoted company ads (like statistics they don’t want you to see!) Use this to do great company comparisons.

Google Docs Research Tool


Did you start out your business capture pages using on Google Docs? Or if you have used it for any other form of content, you may be aware of the research panel.


1. Open Googledocs


2. From here you can click on “Tools” or use the sequence CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+1



This allows you to search any part of Google for a resource and then either quickly view it or insert a link into your article.
For example, if you just wrote “how to create income” and wanted to find a good link for the phrase it is literally at your fingertips.



Once you get good with this, you will save quite a bit of time.

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Great Tool for Visual Content (Hint: People Devour Visuals!)


The further we go along, we see that your customer audience loves images. Think Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
Images add value to your content, turn content into digestible pieces, and make it easier to read. Visual content improves time on page, post interaction, and conversions.


5. Thinglink

Interactive content is becoming the go-to form of advertising and effective marketing. It’s new, hardly anyone is using interactive media, and you will achieve better results on your blog.






Thinglink allows you to make clickable images.


But it is so much more, than just clickable images. Using this tool you can add multiple links to one image, have people go separate places, the possibilities are endless.


1. Open the App.


2. Using the “Create” button, it is simple to start walking through the site and creating your own interactive media.


3. Upload these to your blog, to social media accounts (hello Facebook interactions!)


4. You can hover over different parts of your pictures, insert different messages, and send your customers to different products, all dependent on what they want to interact with.






5. In this example, we have found a web image of a woman with makeup on. We have opened up the “Tag” function and it now allows me to enter the link URL for where we want to send the customer depending on the part of the face they click on. We also inserted text giving them a clear call to action.
6. We chose to start with the eyes. If we was a make-up distributor, we would insert the link to the product page with this season’s latest colors and pigments. We give a call to action “How to Create a Beautiful Eye”. This also works well to send them to a video of you demonstrating the product.
7. We would recommend that you start creating one Thinglink a week. Your customers are going to be blown away.
Start interacting with them like never before!




Creating valuable content that your audience will not only enjoy, but digest, share, like, promote, etc. etc. is your top priority.
Using these tools you will be able to create a large amount of content on a regular basis.


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