2017 Best Guide to FREE Marketing Using Popular Social Media Channels




The landscape of social media is always changing, even multiple times in the same calendar year!


So as we come to the end of this year, IMU has compiled the 2017 Best Guide to FREE Marketing using Popular Social Media Channels.

Today’s biggest platforms, with the best free lead generation available are Facebook and Instagram. Use this guide, with the available FREE infographic printout to direct your social media marketing strategy throughout the next year.

Here is what you can expect to experiment with throughout 2017 as the big channels unleash a bevy of upgrades that allow each user to have a greater interaction with their perfect audience.


Prefer to Watch the Video?

  • YouTube is testing community features allowing creators to share text and image based posts


  • Facebook is making a strong push to take over the news source category just like Twitter


  • Facebook also wants a piece of the Snapchat ‘pie’ and is therefore testing time sensitive messages in Messenger


  • Facebook Live is testing face filters for a greater infotainment feel


What is the big marketing strategy takeaway with these new changes?  


Business marketing needs to be short, quick to consume and in-the-moment content.




Stay in front of the trends, change your marketing today by implementing these simple changes:


  • Create more video content then text


  • Share more video content


  • 1-2 posts per week need to be live video content


  • Share live video content


  • Focus on your local news, what’s ‘trending’ around you and share



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2017 Facebook Strategies

Video Will Take Over



Video is gaining in effectiveness more and more on Facebook.


Remember the early days of Facebook, when a simple post could become viral simply because social media was new, cool and trendy?  80% of your audience has now become ‘blind’ to your text posts and status updates, but not so with video.


We are in the apex of video reaching a high before it too, becomes less effective in a couple of years.

According to a survey conducted by Social Media Examiner, during their 2016 State of Social Media conference,  Facebook video is the #1 channel business marketer are focusing on in 2017.


Reported in the same survey, 83% of business marketers reported that time and resources is what keeps them from creating more videos.


Given this knowledge, you can edge out the competition by shuffling your current marketing efforts to include more video. Use this information wisely, now is the time to move ahead!



Simple Anatomy of Creating Multiple Video pieces in One Sitting.



  • Turn on your computers video recorder.


  • Turn on Facebook Live


  • When you “Go Live” on Facebook, hit Record on your computer.


  • Film your Live version, detail all your material, get audience interaction and so forth. Give a complete presentation, make it fun, remember Infotainment!


  • Share your Facebook Live video to multiple pages and groups within Facebook.


  • Use your computer recording as a YouTube video (remember keywords! Product placement!)


  • Edit your video recording to 10- 15 sixty second snippets and post to Instagram and Snapchat.



Your marketing must become video first.



Your audience is looking for a richer experience on social media, your only job as a business owner and business marketer is to deliver that experience by creating a fun and expressive environment for your potential customers.







2017 Instagram Strategies


2016 proved to be a record year for Instagram with a milestone hit of 500 million monthly users.



So, what does Instagram plan for the business marketing landscape of 2017? There are several clues that have been revealed as we lead up to the new year. You can start planning your marketing strategy today, using these references.



Instagram is making a huge business tools push. No longer a social platform for casual users, Instagram is poised to aid businesses grow larger using their platform.


Business tools were launched in 2016 that allow you to change your profile to a business profile, use analytics to test how your posts are performing, create ads through your Facebook ads manager, and soon, you will be able to create clickable posts straight from Instagram Stories (currently in testing with verified accounts).



If you are lacking any one of these tools on your account right now, use your time wisely before we get too far into 2017 and clean up your accounts now.



The perfect way to get both your Facebook and Instagram accounts in order is through the IMU Facebook for Business Master Class and the Instagram for Business Master Class. Click Here to Learn More.






Video is as important on Instagram as it is on Facebook


2016 saw the release of Instagram ‘Stories’ which encourages marketers to share in the moment, easy to consume and FUN Snapchat-style videos to Instagram.



In 2017 there is a strong possibility that Instagram will take Stories to the next level by releasing LIVE video capabilities just like Facebook.



Social media research has discovered that your perfect customer is watching live videos more often and for longer periods of time than all other forms of social content right now.



Given the fact that Instagram is owned by Facebook, it is no surprise that Instagram is testing live video integration.



(*There has not been a confirmed release date for Instagram live video at the release of this article*)



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Sick of Video? Not so Fast! Email & Video are Going to Become a Team Too!


Email and video are about to make a great team. In 2017, savvy business owners will bypass text laden emails and instead, deliver videos directly to relevant viewers, the mailing list!






2017 Age of “Infotainment”


Welcome to the perfect age of marketing videos. Infotainment is the unification of information videos (teaching your audience) and entertainment videos.


If you want your customers to buy, 2017 will be the age where you teach them your information while entertaining them at the same time. Without entertainment, users will click away from your video and forget all about you.





Yep, you guessed it, 2017 is going to be THE YEAR of video marketing.


Unavoidably, there are going to be thousands and thousands of small business owners who miss out on the trend because they can’t get over their fear of video.


Will you be one of them?




Download our 4-Part Video Series

Learn how to attract your ideal customer, set up shop on the internet, drive traffic and increase sales.

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