How You Can Create Share-worthy Content (a.k.a. GO VIRAL)

  10 Reasons Why Content Goes Viral   Educational Content Posts, articles, etc that teach the reader something practical will get shared more often. Why? People not only want to appear helpful to their followers, but they also want to appear smart. Sharing content that educates shows that a user is following and sharing useful sources.   Positive Content Studies show that positive content is shared more often than negative content. How many of you have countless inspirational posts

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4 Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy for ANY Network

Fact: social media sites drive over 31% of all referral traffic on the Internet. (image:     With all the new channels constantly emerging, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking about social media as a tactical plan instead of a strategic one. The best social media plans set forth measurable goals that work with any social venue. We understand why it makes sense to pay attention to social media, but where should you focus your attention? People use different

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IMU Lead & Sales Guide: 5 Activities To Start Using Today

The BEST strategy for you in your business is to use the Internet and Social Media to generate leads and sales. You can embrace the power of the internet, even if you are working on a very minimal budget. Let your minimal budget focus your mind on activities that generate money. Minimal budgets make you ask the question all of the time, “What will get me the best sales results?”

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