5 Digital and Social Media Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2016

    There has been a buzz of activity, as well as constant change and evolution. In order to be successful marketing your business, whatever the industry, you will need to adapt to all of the changes and use the latest and most effective strategies.     In this article we will discuss the top 5 marketing trends that need to be part of your 2016 strategy. Even if all of them do not fit your business model, make

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Storytelling: Hot Marketing Strategies Today

Hot Marketing Strategies Today – Storytelling     Storytelling is one of the hottest marketing strategies today. A good story will get to a buyers emotions, shake them to their core, and ultimately get them to buy whatever you’re selling! Good stories compel people to change. Some of the ways people are compelled to change: The Way They Feel – Stories get to a person’s emotions. Being emotional drives people toward change.

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How to Use Google Plus For Your Direct Sales Business

By now, you have jumped on the social media train headed towards Google Plus. Maybe you are using their profiles, pages, hangouts, or all 3 (Maybe more!! Good for you!) If you are not using Google Plus yet, maybe you do not see the value in adding one more social media platform to your already busy social media marketing strategy. This article is to educate you exactly on How to Use Google Plus For Your Direct Sales Business.

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